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Mystery Dungeon- Team Mimic Adventures!
[spoiler=]"Someones fainted!" A voice called. "Wake up! Hey you wake up!"
"Where am I?" Charmander Thought. "Is this meant to happen to me?"
Charmander opened one eye. He closed it and open both eyes.
"He's up, come here Mudkip!" The unknown Pokemon said. "Hey Charmander are you okay? You were out knocked."

"What did he just say? Charmander?!? I'm a Pokemon now!!"
No this must be a dream, wake up from it!!!

Charmander pinches himself.
"Oww....." Charmander said. "What Pokemon are you? Lucario?"
"Nope, Riolu's the name, nice to meet you" Riolu said. "Looks like something mystery happened to you,"
"I'm Mudkip The Muddy Water Pokemon I hit very strong and hard!" Mudkip said. "Nice to meet you!"
"Um...Okay, I'm Charmander a lost pokemon that's going to figure what happened to me!" Charmander sat up. "Today is the beginning of My adventure!" Suddenly Riolu sat. "I might know what to do, first would you like to join our rescue team?" Riolu smiled.

"Do it!" One vision said.
"Don't its to risky, their just strangers!" The second one said.

Charmander thought for a while.
"Sure ill join, whats it called?" Charmander asked. "Blazers, Razor--Evil?"
"Team Mimic!!" Riolu and Mudkip said at the same time. "We made it because we are here to repeat our hard training and quests or as you may say missions! We are a Gold Rank Team the highest rank in the Pokemon square! Well besides one team, Team Nightmare is Hyper Rank and their awesome."
Pretty Weird, but today I'm tired maybe I should take a good night sleep, Charmander Thought.

Oww!!!, something hit Charmander on his head.
"That was a Grumblerock 10 its to hit far range, but you didn't wake up so we threw it at you."
Mudkip laughed. "You should wake up faster so it won't happen again, hehe."

"Whats going on over there?" A Infernape said. "Three pokemon just waking up, hehe funny sort of."
"Its Team Nightmare!" Riolu half fainted. "Its awesome!!"
"Well lets go go and check the missions today!" Mudkip raced off.

"Wait Up!!" Charmander ran after Mudkip.
"Someday i will find out what happen to me,
For now my new friends are along with me so I'm alright.
Its not so bad to be a pokemon, but one day it will happen to me,"

Continue Mystery Dungeon Part 2...

Intro of Mystery Dungeon Two.

"So Dark in this cave..." Charmander freaked out. "Ghostly, No! Must be brave!"
Charmander light up his tail with Ember.
"Shh.....!" Mudkip made Charmander be quiet for awhile.
"Rawr!!!" A loud roar came above making the Cave shake.
Everything suddenly shook.
"We have to keep going!" Riolu yelled so loud that it covered the rock noises.

Entei...My old enemy, only if I could remember..
He has returned for a long battle...Let's go!

Aura Spare flew from above.
"My move, no one ever mess with that move!" Riolu said lightly.[/spoiler]
um, what is this exactly?a suggestion?
(2012-02-27, 02:22 AM)Viperianw Wrote: um, what is this exactly?a suggestion?
Double LOL with a Roffle on top....*facepalm*

MonsterMMORPG Official Forum[Image: PlayGameForForum_en.png]MediaFanfiction [Image: arrow_down.gif]

BTW Dark nice way of getting an idea from my fanfic haha lol
Constantly dying yet never dead
LOL Rock i don't know you much, but really? I didn't even read yours...
Pretty much i thought of it from playing my dsi xl
How funny...
(2012-02-24, 02:00 PM)Darksora03 Wrote: This is a nice story but Lizaur's vision kinda confused me a little bit but nice story Big Grin

Constantly dying yet never dead

A story of
[Image: qwe.jpg]

[spoiler=]Chapter One!
Beginning in Kanto!

[Image: background-1-1-1.jpg]

"Wake up Jake, today is your pokemon giveaway !!" Mom yelled.
Jake opened his eye and changed his cloths.
"Wha--Starter!!" Jake ran out of his door falling down the stairs.
Jake looked at his food, he thought for a second.
"I need that Charmander!!" Jake yelled. "Hurry Jake!!"
Jake opened the door and saw his rival picking his Bulbasaur.
"Professor Oak, Ill pick Charmander!" Jake rushed.
"Okay I will hand it to you," Oak replied handing the poke ball to Jake.
Jake pressed the Poke ball and the shadow was a Charmander.
"Yes, mine is Shiny and yours is not." Jake smiled. "Looks like its gonna be strong!" Fury, Jake's rival smiled and said "I have two pokemons already,"
Jake didn't hear and rushed out as he saw a Rattata. Go Charmander!
[Image: 4.png]

[Image: 19.png]
Use Ember on Rattata! Charmander's flame grew larger and he burst out pieces of Flame. Rattata failed to resist the attack, Rattata finally used Growl attack. Rattata faints and Jake runs, but during that time Charmander leveled up. "Your so rude, Jake" Fury notice Jake. "If I were you I keep training in place, Bulbasaur is already level 8 and yours is? 6 I say."
[Image: 1.png]
Jake looked at Fury confusedly.

"Ember on the wild Pidgey!!" Jack saved Fury in front. Pidgey ran away bursting a Burn Status. "I owe you one there Jake, but for now smell ya later!" Fury walked away.
"He I think I should battle more wild pokemons," Jake smiled.

Jake's Pokemons:
Charmander Lv: 7

Fury's Pokemons:
Bulbasaur level 8
Machop Lv: 6 (A pokemon received from his mom)

Chapter Two!
Using a Terrific Plan!

[Image: Absol-2-1.jpg]

As Fury walked away, Jake opened his way to train.
"So, its time to train!Come on, its time to beat you down with my Charmander!!"
***1 hour later***
"Never mind!! I have to travel more!!" Jake became angry.
Jake moves in Route 1. "Charmander use ember to make the pokemon appear!!" Jake angrily said. Charmander burst out little Flame Bursts, suddenly a Pidgey appear with a Burn Status. "Its the same pokemon we saw, Now Jake use Poke Ball!!" Pidgey used Growl making a fail attack.
(Click)(Click)(Click)(Bang!) Pidgey was caught!
"So Pidgey lets train with Charmander!" Pidgey came out of his pokeball using Peck on Charmander.
Charmander finally used Scratch on Pidgey.
"Knock it off you two!!" Jake yelled. "Pidgey your the bother!! So return!!" Jake returns Pidgey to its pokeball.
Charmander went away battling in his own, Jake ran after him.
[Image: 4.png]
"Steal that wild Charmander!!" someone yelled.
"Right away boss!!" the second voice said. "It can't be wild though,"
"Who cares, take it or you'll be fired!!"
Jake runs to get Charmander, just then he saw both of them.
"Step away, were Team CP!! Ultimate team!!" the man said.
"Yea, were called (Capture Pokemon) CP!!" The women said.
"Charmander Ember!!" Jake ignored Team CP. "Now, Pidgey Come out and use Peck on those people!"
Pidgey and Charmander finally listen to Jake. "Go Vulplix!!" The man yelled. Vulplix did the same as Pidgey, attacked The man.
By the time the man did anything they ran away.
"You two did great!!" Jake yelled.
Jake returned Pidgey and Charmander to their pokeball.
He finally went on to Route 2.

Jake's Pokemon: Charmander Lv, 10
Pidgey Lv, 6

The Unknown Man in CP: Vulplix Lv, 10

Chapter Three!
Route 2 Trouble!

As Jake walked through Route two many pokemon appeared.
"Looks like there's trouble to make pokemon appear so much, but I could train like this..." Jake thought. "First lets take Pidgey and Charmander out," Jake sends Pidgey and Charmander out. "Charmander stay close to me so we could help Pidgey battle!" Suddenly Charmander and Pidgey sense a Pichu. "Ember Charmander and Pidgey use Peck!" Charmander's tail flame went a little bigger and Pidgey's Beak grew Shinier, they attacked at the same time. "Pichu!!" Pichu used Thunder Wave. Charmander's Ember didn't miss but Pidgey's Peck did. "Pid...gerr..." Pidgey fainted. Pichu also fainted with Pidgey. "Go Poke Ball!!" Jake threw the Pokeball. (Caught) "Woot! Looks like I caught a Pichu,"
Pichu however did not like to be in his poke ball. Pichu came out of his pokeball. "Pichu I need you anyways but how do you come out of your pokeball by yourself?" Jake question. "Pichu, Pichu Pichu!! Pichu said.

"Hmm..this is one weird Pichu alright..." Jake looked at it. "Pretty cute, but very aggressive, Ill keep it anyways." Pichu shrugged his shoulders saying he don't care. Charmander however Battled himself, suddenly he evolved!

[Image: 5.png]

"Awesome!" Jake yelled. "Charmeleon, now Pichu Thunder Bolt this whole place!"
Pichu's cheeks light up, a little electric came out then Thunder Bolt was made. Hitting the whole place Pichu was a higher level then usual now.
"Lets move on, Pichu and Charmeleon return!!"
Suddenly the ground shook, its kept shaking.
"Danger has awake.." Jake murmured.
"Rawr!!!" The voice roared out load. "(I am awake!!)"
"Sir, the Wild Moltres is awake...We can't hold on any longer!!" A voice said. "Go, Arcanine! Use Overheat!!"

Jake's Pokemon: Charmeleon : 16
Pidgey : 6
Pichu : 13

Chapter 4!
Jake and Fury verse The Champion!

Moltres blowing the Overheat with Whirlwind.
"Moltress!!!" Moltres yelled. "(To weak!!)
[Image: 146.gif]
As Jake heard it he rushed over to see what happened.
"What is that pokemon?!?" Jake thought. "A Legendary...I never saw it but ill give a guess..."
"Nidoking help those guys out, use Rock Tomb on Moltres!" A voice yelled. "After, Nidoking use Hyper Beam!"
Nidoking threw a Rock at Moltres and missed while Nidoking charged up his Hyper Beam.
"Hmm? Its Light the Champion of Elite Four!?!" Jake yelled. "Charmeleon come out, you gotta see this!!"
Light looked at the kid, instantly Jake spot Fury.
"Venusaur go out and help Light!" Fury said. "Charge your Solarbeam!!"
[Image: 3.png]
"Venusaur already?!?!" Jake yelled. "Charmeleon use Flamethrower on Moltres too!" Charmeleon, Nidoking, and Venusaur battle as...
"Well look who its is...Look I already got the Pewter Badge." Fury showed Jake his badges. "Looks like your still training huh?"
"Yes how about you go and train somewhere yourself?!?" Jake yelled.
"I don't have too, you see Moltres gives you alot of exp so I may level my Venusaur 3 levels and yours could be leveled up maybe 6 levels..."

"Hmm...Thats cool okay lets concentrate instead of talking!" Jake yelled.
Taking down Moltres Light caught It with his Master afterwards released it then put it to sleep.
"That was a good battle you guys, im proud!" Light shook their heads. "One day you two will be against me..."
"We want a battle right now!!" Jake and Fury said at the same time.
"Alright both of you verses Me, only I get one pokemon to attack." Light said. "Charizard come out!!"
[Image: 6.png]

"Lets take him on Jake!!" Fury yelled.

Jake's Pokemon: Charmeleon Lv, 22
Pichu Lv, 13
Pidgey Lv, 10

Fury's Pokemon: Venusaur Lv, 35
Arcanine Lv, 28
Kingler Lv, 24

Champion Light's Pokemon: Charizard Lv, 88
Nidoking Lv, 74
Salamence Lv 77
Dragonite Lv, 72
Garchomp Lv, 71
Alakazam Lv, 74

Yeah this whole story sounds better then all your shity stories

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