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My pokemon playthrough stories.
This thread is for anyone who wants to share their very first pokemon game experience.

Here's mine:
-My dad bought me pokemon blue with a gameboy pocket when I was god knows how young. It was late in 5th grade.
-My starter was Bulbasaur, which I proceeded to whip brock and misty with. Infact, I didn't even catch anything else unless I needed HM slaves.
-My Venasaur got as high as level 73, and I brutally beat down my neighbor's all fire-type team in his pokemon yellow.
-My neighbor, with his yellow, and my buddy, with his red version helped me complete my pokedex. All 3 of us did all 150 on the same day.
-I never legitimately caught the kangaskhan that completed our pokedex's. I evolved an M 'block glitch with a rare candy.
-I beat the elite 4 using pokemon leveled up to 100 using the rare candy trick. My hall of fame never stood a chance.
-I caught and rare candied a glitch snorlax to level 255.
-Once gameshark came into my life, my team was always Raichu, Mew, Mewtwo, Blastoise, Venusaur, and Charizard.
-Pokemon silver came out, and I power leveled totodile the same way I power leveled bulbasaur. That is, until I had the time capsule. The rest of my silver version didn't have a chance as my semi-disobedient mewtwo ran rampant through johto.. I eventually got to red and wiped the floor with him.

Years later-
Downloaded an emulator and silver version on my smart phone. Beat it without hacks or trades, even beating red. Epic win for me.
I played pokemon ruby. Twice. Played emerald once. Didn't have the patience to finish the game, ever. I was utterly disappointed with the 3rd generation of pokemon. Don't think I'll ever beat it.
Never touched G4 or G5. Seen videos. Calling a blue thing on a floating cloud a legendary really killed it for me, so I'm probably not getting an DS anytime soon.
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History being made
My Story:
Got a pokemon game.
Beat it.
Your life just got better. 

You're welcome.

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Took my time with Pearl, my first and currently only IRL Pokemon game. Made sure to talk with everyone I saw, caught every Pokemon that appeared, battled every trainer located in every corner, and finished everything I could just for the hell of it.
Still gotta somehow beat the Battle Tower, but I'll figure it out later.
i began pondering Pokemon around 4th gen played 4th gen maybe twice never beating it cause it wasn't the best found the emulator to do crystal hated 2nd gen ever sense i played it, it gets way to boring and way to repetitive for me, i ended up disliking Pokemon till i gave sapphire a chance there may have been way too many water types for that game but it was that game that is why i gave 5th gen a chance (first and second included) and now i am super ready to take on 6th gen once it comes

to imagine sapphire of all games is the one to spark the poke-maniac in me
hello people of the light and fellow darksiders shall the darkness protect you!

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Reads Pokémon handbooks as a child. Picks out favorites. (Gastly family)
Buys Emerald around the age of 7. Gets hooked for life.
Gets Blue Rescue Team for Christmas. Gets hooked on Mystery Dungeon for life. Adores the ancient European atmosphere. (Isn't sure if everyone interprets it the same way.)
Learns of Diamond and Pearl. Freaks out.
Racks up over 450 hours on Pearl version. Is forced to delete file due to faulty Action Replay Azure Flute code. Depressed for a month or so. Becomes leery of Action Replay's reliability.
Dumps a bunch of hacked Mining Museum legendaries into My Pokémon Ranch. Has rarely played it since.
Gets Platinum and gets awesome. Finds a new, working Azure Flute code for Pearl and captures Arceus for the first time.
Gets SoulSilver, Lugia figure, and Pokéwalker. Transfers event Jirachi, Celebi, and Shiny Pichu. Is shocked when she discovers that both Lugia and Ho-oh are catchable in both versions.
Somewhere along the line during 4th gen career, gets Explorers of Darkness. Is obsessed. Gets Explorers of Sky, names main character (Eevee) after self and is more obsessed. Darkness is eventually given back to Gamestop.
Becomes Internetical. Is absolutely furious when she learns that Generation III is the most hated generation of all time. Starts to strongly dislike Gen I purists. Is unable to respond to comments due to lack of accounts.
Starts to develop extensive Nintendo headcanon, of which Pokémon is a part. Includes self and related OCs as the Mystery Dungeon headcanon.
Finds Zorua and Zoroark on Bulbapedia and spazzes out. Stalks Bulbanews for updates and CoroCoro leaks.
Gets Black. Loves Reshiram. Slightly disappointed by instances such as Stunfisk and Garbodor, but is satisfied by the quality of the storyline.
Hears of Black 2. Is surprised that Game Freak made sequels instead of a third version. Interested and greatly satisfied with this change of events.
Gets Black 2 and continues the story. Is very pleased with said story. Loves Join Avenue.
Begins to develop universal team. Captures Myra in Emerald and Jenga in Pearl. Hatches Sandwing in Platinum, Raecius in Black, and Teryx in Black 2. Receives Leafy in SoulSilver. Logs planned moveset, tweaking it as the team is trained. Top Level: Myra at level 90.
Hears of Gates to Infinity. Gets excited for 3D Mystery Dungeon game. Is currently awaiting March release.
Checks MonsterMMORPG forums as she does every day. Sees a thread by Henrie. Clicks link to Pokémon website.
Watches Generation VI trailer. Jaw drops in awe. Learns the names of the legendaries. Negotiates with friend; she will get Y, he will get X. Struggles not to explode from excitement.
All through this, wonders why people are falling off Pokémon. Remembers people's disappointment in Gen V. Hears people's bad expectations for Gen VI. Remembers Gen I purists, gets angry. Vows to continue career as a Pokémon Trainer, Breeder, and Explorer.
Is currently fleshing out the details of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon headcanon. Working on OC Anubis's backstory.

Will remain a Pokémon fan for life.
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