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I didnt know where to post this...

Anyways. As many of you noticed, im making a thread with a monster and an example moveset of this monster.

I talked with CeF about this and he said Ok. There are too much monsters over here, and I have a lot of work to do, so if any of you want to help just PM me Wink. (especially with ancients as I dont really much about them).

This thing will help newbies a lot with strategies, moves, and they will learn how to use monsters properly.
Funny, we made a thread per monster before, but they were removed xD It was labor lost.
Constantly dying yet never dead
imo rock
and great idea legolas i could also help u Smile
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
I decided to make 10 monsters per day.
Sorry... I hate the plan Tongue

Its way too much thread spam... You wont see new news if its spammed away... like new beta versions update threads.

And how difficult is it to JUST READ THE MOVES INFO...

And i dont even like some of those movesets XD My glaucea rocks :C
Yeah, i know, i´ve talked to Cef about that, to make it hidden until its complete and then release it.
I wont do any more threads until its hidden Wink

EDIT: i´ve deleted almost every thread. From now on I will post some interesting monsters Wink

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