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My Solord and Potasinite
Okay I need a move set and what to tp for this
And my potasinite move set tP and is hallu good
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Be Blinded By My Prowess
Endurable.. Tp train it the whole left side.

Idk about a move set.
move set: imo i would use light restore, muscle tense, light slash and i have no idea what to use as the last move, i suggest something thats 1k acc, not sky slash,
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tp 400 hp , 200 sp defense , 200 defense

moves - muscletense , lightarmor , light restore , 4th move skyslash or light slash or any physical move u like for attacking
Thread updated Smile
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Be Blinded By My Prowess
Hallu is bad for Pot ....
for pota 400 sp attack and 400 speed
if u want hp then 400 spattack 200 speed and 200 hp
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