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My Monster Drawings (Gimp)
This Thread will include some monster drawing that I drew on gimp I took quite a Few practice and I have improved a lot then last time I will include some more as I have free time. Spiriflame Fire/Ghost Class:Emissary 
[Image: sgimp.png]Ghoulbustion. Fire/Ghost Emissary[Image: snewmonster.png]
Why the black background?
Constantly dying yet never dead
(2013-03-03, 08:09 AM)Rock127 Wrote: Why the black background?
do you know how to change it to white?
Your drawings have disappeared
Yes. I can't see them too.
Thank you guys for noticing I'll get to the bottom of this
Right click layer -> Add Alpha Channel 
Then delete the layer you'll have a transparent background.
Constantly dying yet never dead

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