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Move descriptions- In game
Since we don't have the search engine for the move list at the moment, why don't we just put the descriptions of the moves in-game?

For example, you would go to the Monsterdex, go to an entry of a certain monster, and drag your mouse on a move on their move list, you get a small description of the moves additional effects (If any).

I support this. It would be much easier to see directly ingame what type and what effcet moves have.

For all who still looking for the moves description:
In opposite to all of you, I don't need to be better than others. Tongue
I support this. Hover your mouse over an attack to see its effect from the Monsterdex...
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I support this. It's important to know easily the effects of moves in the game. I think do this in the Monsterdex is good idea. Also, we have to see this when a Monster's learning a new move, so we must be able to see this at that moment directly on the page or just be able to click on the Monster that we redirect on the Monsterdex.
ok support it
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I was always thinking about this O.o

You have my support.

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