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The title is clearly shows what this thread is going to be about "Move Tutor". Many people who play pokemon know as much info about this as do I. It's really simple actually the idea just caught in my head hopefully there isn't about a thread about this yet , dind't check.

In my opinion our monster's should be able to learn back it's moves. Say if you taught your boxmon a MT but then what if you accidently pressed the wrong move and you lost your boxmon's unique attack ? You can't get it back unless you catch the same monster and re-train it but nobody wants to do that. What if that monster was a "Ancient Boxmon" then that move would be lost forever.

This is where move tutor comes in. We re-teach the move that it already know and previous known. Making things simpler.

I'm stating that in order for move to work there must be a price say pay gold or using a point system to use it ?

Well that's all I could think of.

What do you guys think ?

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