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Move-Monster Search Thingy
I don't really know what to call it, but a suggestion I've thought about for quite a while is the "move-monster search thingy". 

It's basically a search thingy where we would type in a move and it would show all the monsters that can learn that move as part of their moveset or as a MT. 


Search Monsters Who Can Learn Move: Glow

  • Prysma - Level 60
  • Anglare - MT1838
And the list goes on.

It would be helpful for me so I can search up health-equality moves, moves that leave 1 hp, and moves that use opposing monster's health as part of damage.

What do you think?
+1 support
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YES! Support!
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Yes, needed! +1
That would really help with movesets.  +1 support
Hmm Prysma stop!
Too many good ideas
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Support, even i wanted something like this, how about calling it move dex
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support great idea
I like the idea. To be incredibly useful, it would have to have the ability to search by additional effects, not just by name.
awesome u have my support
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