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I've been messing around on the test server with my team and noticed that hardly any of the moves on any of my monsters have an Accuracy stat higher than 75%

What's the deal with that? It might not be a big deal just looking at it, but there's no reason why I should miss when I'm using a lv 100 monster against a level 2 wild. On the "other" game that inspired this one, most moves range from 90-100% accuracy on a regular basis, so you can actually DO the attacks, whilst the more powerful attacks are closer to 80%. I felt that those percentages are a much better balance. Anyone agree?
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Are there still any 1000-accuracy Damage moves? Last time I did some move renaming... there was none... HOW WILL WE HIT IN PVP NOW?
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The only 1000 accuracy moves seem to be a handful of status moves.  Which works out, I think.

There are moves that increase accuracy or lower evasion.  And items that do this as well.  Some people will probably opt to use those items for consistency rather than Burning Weapons on ALL OF THE THINGS!  lol  Iono.  I haven't had too much of a problem with it on the test server.  it's kinda frustrating to miss against a low-leveled opponent, but there aren't any repercussions, either.  :o
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I actually very much miss the 1000 accuracy damage moves. It was an important addition to PVP.

But through my adventures on the test server, I've grew accustomed to the Battle Items. Obviously this is kinda bad but.. "addicted to drugs" ._. Battle items are drugs lol.
Accuracy drugs, and a lot of others make battles really good.

Just make sure you don't use them against an opponent with a move that resets stats.
1000% accuracy attacks were a cheap trick for pvp. Calling them important is a stretch, the only strategy involved there was getting something that can learn drake dance. Made battles extremely one sided, im honestly glad THOSE are gone.
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i like it as it need to change anything from real server >.>

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