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Monstermmorpg "Book of Legends"
                                                        BOOK OF LEGENDS

Here you will see outstanding achievements  done by monstermmorpg players!

1)Most ancients found in 1 day! hidan a very good hunters found 7 ancients in 1 day!

2)The most amount of flees from wild monsters! Char02 Has ran from 4MILLION monsters which takes a huge amount of time and patients! but in V2 of the game minordaddy is leading with almost 3.2Million

3) The strongest team! Most say Minordaddy has the strongest team!

4)The most gold acquired! Minor daddy is number 1 for most gold he even has had more gold then the game can handle and pretty much broke it. He has 12 BILLION GOLD across multiple accounts.

5)Most Ancients! Minor daddy has more then 386 ancients which is incredibly amazing!

6)Best guild created!
Santy has created the biggest guild in the game called Santy Squad (SS) it has given away 10 anc, 70+ legy, 37 zenith, 3 starter + 39$ donation credits!
to winners of certain competitions! Top  member is GearDevil

7)Most bans! Capt.obvious has banned more then 1000+ people for misbehaving in chat! So behave cause he is always lurking!

8)Most languages spoken! Capt. obvious speaks 7 languages fluently and 6 more that he can understand! He is one smart cookie! and its not easy learning so many languages!

9)Best tp'er! capt. obvious when he has his tp service open he can tp a monster within the hour if he isnt busy or laggy!

10)Best leveler! mlinka is the fastest leveler in the game but minordaddy isnt far from taking this title!

11)Best all round player!
Minordaddy rank 1 knows how to do pretty much anything in the game perfectly tp'ing, leveling, hunting, pvping!

12)Most different monsters caught! Minor daddy has caught every monster in the game! all he needs to do is get uncatchable giga monsters and he will have everything!

13)Best art designer! Narsillion has created alot of ancients that look amazing and starters as well!

14)Best guide! Dark.Zero has created the best guide where you can pretty much get help on everything!

15)First player!
Was the creator himself CeFurkan his account was created all the way back in 2009!

16)Most active player! Capt. Obvious
maybe wont be in chat all the time but he lurks all the time!

17)First to reach 1million trainer points! Char02
did it the fastest!

18)Longest reigning rank 1 player!
since day 1 of monstermmorpg she was rank 1 and it stayed that way for atleast 2 years!

19)Best music creators! Santy
and xerxes have created all of the music for this game!

20) Most caught ancients in 1 day before the no run system! first place is shared between these players char, mlinka, hidan, and minordaddy with 5 ancients caught!

21) Most caught ancients in 1 day with the no run system! Geth caught 7 ancs in 1 day!

22) Most battles with the lowest flee count!
scarletwhite has 60,675 battles done with only 5 flees from wild monsters!

23) Caught 6 of each ancient! MINORDADDY has caught 6 of each ancient and with new ancients added every once in a while he still gets them all! Now that is what i call catching them all Big Grin *bad pun*

24) Caught every monster! Minordaddy has completed the entire monsterdex before ash ketchum. ash has about 1000 to catch and its been 20 years and he hasn't caught half of them while minor caught over 2 thousand monsters in 2 years.
Gj. Hope I can get into it on a day Tongue
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this thread look great or should i say "BOOK" Tongue
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Surprised she didn't correct you but char is a she
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(2015-08-08, 01:29 AM)ch17175 Wrote: Surprised she didn't correct you but char is a she

actually didnt see that , sorry and i changed it Smile
geth just caught 7
Fool Ya Fool~Killer.bee
i think i should implement such system to the game Big Grin
(2015-08-31, 06:32 AM)CeFurkan Wrote: haha nice thread Big Grin

im honored Smile thank you!
This needs updating :p and more additions, so maybe the readers have a few questions that we can add on here
In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems.
For issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same.

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i wish people pmd me with some cool records or achievments Smile Big Grin would add in here
Minordaddy has the strongest team
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