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MonsterMMO Adventures. Special 1
I had my own Idea of creating my own Manga which I think it would be pretty cool so I decided to create 18 I wont create them all in one day so if I have the urge of making it so enjoy Big Grin [Image: 003tpd.jpg] [Image: 004rv.jpg&action=rotate][Image: 001ef.jpg&action=rotate][Image: 003ghz.jpg&action=rotate][Image: 093xi.jpg&action=rotate][Image: 100jdy.jpg&action=rotate&degree=180&r=0....5766312629][Image: 102sm.jpg&action=rotate&degree=180&r=0.7061616349965334][Image: 101uk.jpg&action=rotate&degree=180&r=0.3759414542000741][Image: 098aa.jpg&action=rotate&degree=180&r=0.6893082067836076][Image: 099y.jpg&action=rotate&degree=180&r=0.1871762138325721][Image: 097vn.jpg&action=rotate&degree=180&r=0.0...2464213073][Image: 095fu.jpg&action=rotate&degree=90&r=0.38756138272583485][Image: 096ey.jpg&action=rotate&degree=180&r=0.8510950587224215][Image: 001ry.jpg&action=rotate]
I see red!
[Image: FeraligatrSig.png]

(2012-11-09, 02:46 AM)ShockZekrom Wrote: Nice.
I see red!
yea I changed him into me but much different

(2012-11-09, 02:46 AM)ShockZekrom Wrote: Nice.
I see red!
I chose evasionman as my rival
I like your idea. They looks so impressive. Thanks for sharing them and geometry dash scratch

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