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Monster of the Week: Yetee
will this consist of? Well hopefully this will be a way to accumulate
strategies for monsters in the game to help you, the player, become a
better pvper. So post strategies you think the designated monster would
be good for.

Please include:

1) nature

2) uvs spread

3) item held

4) moveset

5) Description of strategy

Note: Please include everything, especially the strategy of the moveset


[Image: 144Yetee.png]
Yetee: Ice Type
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ah yetee Smile I shall concoct a moveset pronto.

Ability 1 SpAttack Expert = This ability
increases the Monster's Special Attack stat by 20%.
Ability 2 Attack Master = 30 % more attack dammage
Ability 3 Frosty = When a damage
type move is used, the monster has 15% chance to inflict freezing status
problem to the target.

This is all well and good, but physical yetee is what im thinking.

Nature : verve, mirage , or other physical natures.

Uvs : Whatever you can get obviously, but high in attack.

Tp: 400 phys attack, 200 hp 200 speed or something like that Tongue

Held item: Ice orb, or freezing item or ice power up.


1 stone smash
2 knife dance
3 Ice fall
4 skyslash

Description of strategy

It has the ability to cringe targets with stone smash, knifedance to bring its attack to unknown heights. Ice fall a special move but it also stuns. And finally sky slash for unrelenting hits.
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Draw some monsters and post em here
try a moveset with sp.att. moves and a nature and uv's that support sp.att. and hp..... item : i think you should give it a ice crystal...
[Image: 33bo7zc.png]
My sprite
Actualy needs black bg

Nature: Mirage

HP: 25
Attack : 30 +
Defence : 30+
Sp Defence : 30 +
Sp Attack : N/A
Speed: 20 +


Attack : 200
Defence : 200
Sp Defence : 200
Health / Speed : 99

Item Held: Ice Orb / Razor Claw / Accuracy Waepon


Sky Slash
Stone Skin
Knife Dance
Double Time / Stone Blade

Strategy: Stone Skin to boost defences and make yourself un-damageable , knife dance to boost attack power, sky slash for damage + 1000 acc to kill evasion mon's and double time for evasion to make yourself almost un-hittable / un damageable or stone blade for a power move on non evasion mons

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I think it is important to say that Psywar was the first to use a mirage Yetee... Anyways my variation of the Mirage Yetee has the following moves:
  • Stone Skin
  • Skyslash
  • Shadow Blade
  • Knife Dance
  • Hp: 200
  • Def: 200
  • Sp Def: 290
  • Attack: 110
I use an ice orb on him to regenerate. Once he is set up he can withstand any hits and sweep easily. The main detraction is the long set up time.
I have been thinking of creating a wall yetee like Discreet or Blockhead to protect him from initially getting swept with sweepers.

[Image: image]
Gotta say I agree w/ Uncle and rake on this one. Though a discreet, endurable or debonair Yetee would be cool, Mirage is the ultimate sweeper right now.
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I'd like to add Bulwark to the list, it's a wall nature plus has speed help and no hit on health, so you cab tp health and make a nice pretty fast wall with it
You dare Challenge ME ?

Bump, i'll probably start adding the moves/strategies to the wiki
"For what is a man, what has he got. If not himself, then he has naught" - Frank Sinatra
[Image: 2ppzlnp.jpg]
mos def time for a new monster of the week, hence de-stickying this one
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Still don't know wheer his head is.
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AT THE TOP!!! theres a baby on its back/neck! man thought u were smarter than that!

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