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Monster hold - a way to seperate ur monsters at the mc
ok first "hold" means safe-haven and this is my problem
i have not even been here a week and i am pretty good at the game, i love this game
but i have got so many monnsters that i have trouble finding them when i dont know them by name or lvl
example: PvP monsters can go into a different hold then the ones that are junk and the ones u are selling
so u can easily go in and pick the ones fast with out complications

also this could help with the number of accounts so that ppl dont have to make a pvp one and a selling one just so u can be organized

p.s. i hope this is the first of its kind, if there is another thread out there i am sry and i did not take ur idea
it just came to mind
Already suggested. I'll find the thread for you.

Pffft I can't find it. I'll search later e.e or get Guider to find it.
is this what you're looking for dei?
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(2012-10-19, 11:32 PM)Guider456 Wrote: is this what you're looking for dei?
Yea.. I thought it was PcKaveman that suggested it e.e
pfft i take the blame...I looked for abit and didnt find he went and posted the thread

and besides looking at this post -->

i believe its time that this idea received a bump
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you cant blame him.. he's new//
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just go ahead with it lol
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