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Monster center glitch
This got solved by the time i was making the post (by sorting search). But anyways...Screenshots explain themselves.

1st: (this is how monster center monsters should look like, and that is the correct amount of numbers i have)

[Image: gk3v.jpg]

2nd: (now i jumped from 1st page to 29th. The result: and a new 30th page appeared, and total monster count increased)

[Image: p7il.jpg]

3rd: I clicked 30th page.

[Image: z5hg.jpg]

4th: i dont remember exactly what i did, but this appeared. 

[Image: 4y7s.jpg]

This happens almost everywhere monsters are shown.

Other facts:

  1. If you are at 1st page and click anterior page. 1st page turns into 29th page, appearing another "phantom" page at the end.
  2. If you continue clicking around while having this issues, monster count continue screwing up, and the only way to normalize it is by sorting the search (by monster level, stats, exp, etc)

Good catch, don't have that problem though..
In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems.
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when such errors happens close browser and reopen
mostly caused by the filters you selected Big Grin
OK, I dont care about this glitch, its a minor glitch. I just wanted you to know Cef Wink

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