Poll: Do you think there should be a wish list or capture planner mechanic in the MonsterDex
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As we all know, the MonsterDex is absolutely massive. We have thousands of creatures, and paging through them all takes up a hefty chunk of time. In my personal experience, I've stumbled across monsters I like, then forgot about them as soon as I went on with my day. There are so many monsters I want, and I don't have time to keep track of them all.

So, to amend this problem, I am suggesting a mechanic called the Monster Wish List!
  • From the Monster's Dex page, you would be able to press a button that would add the monster to your wish list.
  • There would be a filter option that would let you see only your wish list.
  • Monsters you've captured will be removed from the Wish List and cannot be re-added to the list until you no longer own that monster.
I think this mechanic could be very useful as a planning tool for PvPers and collectors alike.
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good idea i should implement
I like it. Would help me out a lot since I want to collect all the monsters that look cool d:

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