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Monster Type Spreadsheet
Recently while drawing creatures for this game, I mentioned to my fiancee that while we have a LOT of monsters, there was no way to tell which types are under- or over-represented, numbers-wise.

Being the helpful guy he is, he broke down all the monster types we currently have onto a big spreadsheet. The results are really interesting, and I'm going to try and focus on types we don't have many of yet.

For instance, did you know we suffer from a distinct lack of single-type monsters for the most-used pvp brackets - Zeniths, Legendaries, and Ancients? Now you do!

The spreadsheet is on GoogleDocs, so you have to sign into your Google account to view it, but for those interested, the link is below. He's been updating it with every new patch, so it's currently up to date as of version 2.1.6.

I hope you guys get as much use out of this as I will.

MonsterMMORPG - Monster Type Spreadsheet
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This is amazing Mako.
I knew dragons were overrepresented, but this is an eye-opener.
I like the idea and the initiative!
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I LOVE SPREADSHEETS! (Especially educational ones.)
holy cow, this is awesome!
so it looks like the light type isnt used that much.....

but still pretty cool how he took a lot of time into doing this, very helpful indeed Big Grin
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Credits go to SparrowHawk for the amazing sig.
i like it Big Grin
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Great, Thanks Mako Big Grin
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This is really great. I think the reason two typed high class mons are the norm would be that everyone wants the dual stab type moves.

Ill try to start brain storming how we can reward single typed monsters.

Great job again man.
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How to reward single type mons ? :

The other type does not spoil the weaknesses etc :3
i dont get th layout. it says 67 and then element total ?( water)
you should add these plant,pixy,reptile,artic,insect,iron,inferno,lava,magma,aqua,astro,time,space,gear,and draco

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