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Monster Suggestion Thread
(2011-10-02, 04:35 PM)orboknown Wrote: im sayin GK can actually do somethin with her thread
Do you have to bully me?

Maybe I wanted to see what kinds of monsters people wanted. I showed the thread to GK when Alpha was still out anyway.

so no worries.
Quote: Do you hear the Whisper Men The Whisper Men are near
If you hear the Whisper Men then turn away your ears
Do not hear the Whisper Men whatever else you do
For once you've heard the Whisper Men they'll stop. And look at you.
(2011-10-02, 01:36 AM)Deidara Wrote: Didn't I have a thread like this?

I just noticed lol

Update : AHA! IT HAS BEEN FOUNDED!! But hardly used..

I was... sumthin sumthin.. carry the 2 over... divide the 7.. sumthin over 2000 steps ahead.
(Sorry for the late reply)
I made this one as a "official" suggestion thread, as I am an actual artist for the game .-. that way I don't have to dig through or try to f ind other people's posts on other topics.
(2011-09-11, 10:41 PM)garbagekeeper Wrote: Well that was fast '^' But yeah. I can do a ninetailed fox, but 6tails to 9 sounds TOO close to vulpix and ninetales. So the design is going to be kind of ... interesting to try to do without trampling on that line
not fox but wolf o.o and looking forward Big Grin if possible

[Image: tumblr_m8mm02adYC1qgqflko1_500.gif]
How about a Poison/Flying? Havent seen alot of those.
tha would go more in the monster types thread in the offtopic section than here ganj.
Quote: Do you hear the Whisper Men The Whisper Men are near
If you hear the Whisper Men then turn away your ears
Do not hear the Whisper Men whatever else you do
For once you've heard the Whisper Men they'll stop. And look at you.
A monster that looks like scizor but is blue and black wit gold highlights in colour and is more armoured, dark steel type.


xDDDDDDDD ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ agreed
[Image: tumblr_m8mm02adYC1qgqflko1_500.gif]
Dei Bidoof is worthless even when you evolve it |D
SLKdjakj great idea *A* I shall get to work on that for future future ideas.
Also, interesting idea saiyan '^'
Bidoof isn't worthless, its a hm slave don't hate appreciate what it can do :3
[Image: patrick_star_signature__by_astra_star-d393bi2.jpg]
(2011-11-25, 05:39 AM)garbagekeeper Wrote: Dei Bidoof is worthless even when you evolve it |D
SLKdjakj great idea *A* I shall get to work on that for future future ideas.
Also, interesting idea saiyan '^'
I know Bidoof's family is worthless <_<

Magikarp is worthless but when it evolves, it's not Big Grin

We just need some worthless monsters '-'
(2011-11-25, 04:03 AM)Deidara Wrote: OMG OMG OMG!!!



Quote: Do you hear the Whisper Men The Whisper Men are near
If you hear the Whisper Men then turn away your ears
Do not hear the Whisper Men whatever else you do
For once you've heard the Whisper Men they'll stop. And look at you.
These suggestions are very poorly drawn ideas of mine. I had planned on using them for a game of my own, but seeing as THAT will never happen, I might as well post them here as suggestions for this game. I'll try to give the best descriptions possibe. But idk how well that'll work. I'll also give some general stat ideas. They're all black and white. I'm hoping that good artists might be able to make them much better and professional (thus desirable)

[Image: akra.jpg?t=1330519709]

Akora -- found wild lv. 5 - 23
Type: Grass
Lv.Gain speed= Fast

Akora is a kernel-like seed with shining, silken wings.
I think it should evolve into a tree or plant of some sort... but I don't have a sketch for the evolution...

[Image: tlngr.jpg?t=1330520263]

Telenegro -- found wild lv. 10 - 30
Type: Electric , Psychic

Telenegro is a hyper-advance Television based robotic dog. When not in use, it's screen is static, but it can use it's screen to display thoughts and dreams both as text, voice and image. It's spikes are exceedingly sharp and pointed so that it can defend itself and as beacons for electric currents and to read Psychic/ Mental patterns.

[Image: mrtl.jpg?t=1330520797]

Mortaal -- found wild lv. 15- 33
Type: Ghost, Bug

Mortaal is the ancient spirit of a race of bugs that lived once long ago. It is composed entirely of spiritual energy, though it was once a physical being much like a moth. The fur on it's head is a bright blue, much like electric blue. The two sections of the body/wings are lime green and fuchsia. It's body/wings is thin like a fabric.

[Image: ankrin.jpg?t=1330521423]

Ankorin -- Found wild lv. 5 - 22
Type: Grass

Ankorin is a monster made with firey-orange lotus petals. It has the face of a lion, and floats around with no stem. It's about the size of a common lamp.
I'd suggest having it evolve into a young, dragon-like monster and later into a more evolved dragon. However, it should keep the Lotus-Lion theme...

[Image: nikris.jpg?t=1330521967]

Ozzl -- found wild lv. 8 - 23
Type: Dark , Psychic

Ozzl is a pitch black spirit who carries a wooden staff. It is well versed in magickal arts and weakening opponents. Its eyes are a gate to the universe and can see anyone or anything regardless of where or what it is.
I'd suggest making two more evolutions.

[Image: ndter.jpg?t=1330522365]

Anditer -- found wild lv. 26 - ?
Type: Bug , Electric

Anditer is the female evolution of a bug-like robot.
I didn't get around to making other evolutions... but I would suggest a neutral previous evolution and a male version of Anditer that the male can evolve into...

[Image: mkira.jpg?t=1330522676]

Mekira -- found wild lv. 2 - 18
Type: Normal

Mekira is somewhat like a mix between a cat and a rabit. The ruffle around its neck looks something like a mix between a ruff (the neck adornment that Shakespeare wore) and the poof in the shoulders a princess's dress. Mekira's color is an off white with a vague hint of yellow, somewhat like a lightened tan.
I would suggest one or two evolutions.

[Image: bnjip.jpg?t=1330523054]

Bunnip -- lv. ???
Type: Electric , Light
Class: Zenith

Bunnip is an ancient technological marvel. The concept was composed by an anger-driven scientist who wanted to make robots for a great war. He produced a few and began training them, but they were accidentally released when the rage of being captive and forced to fight became so great that they destroyed the lab they were built in and escaped to the wild. The calmness of nature quelled that anger, and they settled and began to reproduce.
The lined ring around it is a clear tube with metal rings. It is not attached to Bunnip.

[Image: yips.jpg?t=1330523462]

Jipsee -- Found wild lv. 23 - ??
Type: Psychic

Jipsee is... well... a gypsy... The wings actually aren't attached. They float behind the monster slightly above the shoulders. It has only one eye and is adorned with a lot of jewelry and other shiny objects. It's skin is a dark-ish pastel purple, and the head adornment is a bit darker than the skin. It is more often female than male, but some are male. (about 25% Male, 75% Female)
It might be a good idea to have a previous evolution, but it's just a suggestion...

I hope you guys like my ideas Smile You obviously don't have to use them, but I thought it would be a good idea to share them. If you like my concepts and ideas, I can try to come up with more if you'd like. I'm usually pretty good at coming up with all sorts of odd and interesting monsters, and I wouldn't mind helping with concept and rough sketches. That is, providing you have a team of people who are way better at drawing these for real.

Thanks for taking the time to check these out, and if you'd like me to give some more ideas, feel free to PM me!!!! Big Grin
sundance whoah cool....
Constantly dying yet never dead
(2012-03-01, 01:26 AM)Rock127 Wrote: sundance whoah cool....
:3 thank you! I hope some master artists get a hold of these concept drawings and turn them into reality Big Grin I'd also like to see what they come up with for evolutions Big Grin that is... if they do Smile
I'm considering making some new concept sketches... what do you think? Should I???????? I'm not sure....
Maybe something like a demon wolf Angel Hehe.
Im a Stron Oriental Inthusiest nd im trying my hand at this ive got some ideas already but i want the community to help mold them

so im gunna post the idea for the first monster you guys well decid is attributes and that will help me decid how to shap my idea as there are so many possiblities id like my ideas to help fill in what the community thinks are holes in the game! so here we go im gunna type out the 3 ideas in order being numbered 1 -3 then you post the combo of elements or rather rypes you want it to be and ill do whatever the most common posts are only vote 1 and say JACKASPADES befor your vote.... ok?
1. Samuria/Samuria kid
2.Ninja/hidden face in wraps monster
3.Gong monster or sumo monstter with gong for armor
a flying/water type monter Big Grin
its a blue fish with fins for wings and a hook in its mouth (to look epic) lol Big Grin
it has a pretty long tail
this is evolved form Big Grin
and the pre-evolved form is..
a smaller fish with smaller gills/fins with no hooks
the tail is still small it has strands of hair in the mouth
2in left 2 in right Big Grin
(like a cat mustache)
Monster MMORPG's first Kpop fan!
Back after more than 12 months of vacation. 
[Image: 2vkc4nq.gif]
Something like this could be cool

[Image: 133monstercartoonpainti.jpg]
You dare Challenge ME ?

Treeant with crane-like arm....I want.
Constantly dying yet never dead
An evolution family based on sea monkeys.

1. Monksea (sea monkey backwards)
2. Swimpanzee (swim + chimpanzee)
3. Tsunamape (tsunami + ape)

Monksea would be water type. Swimpanzee and Tsunamape would be water/fighting type (because monkeys and apes are famous for their violent behavior aka "fighting"). Monksea is a monkey, Swimpanzee is a chimpanzee, and Tsunamape is a gorilla. All of them would be blue in color, with both fur and fins.

take the idea where ever you wish from there...
Hermitide and Terracoast : Both water-ground (Or water-rock, whichever way) Hermit crabs with mountains as shells (Not such huge mountains, but they have those summits and stuff)
Hermitide has a surfer-style look (half shut eyes, weird stance and big claw raised up) and Terracoast has a larger big claw, roaring (RAAAAAAWR) with a stance like he's in a boxing match.
Constantly dying yet never dead
we could have a mermaid kinda monster too
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
yeah ninja monster looks cool
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
(2012-03-13, 06:58 PM)Kamidara Wrote: Hmm.. monster suggestion o.o

A serpent shark. It's a shark but long like a serpent and it has more fins than what a normal shark has.

Updated new idea :

A sabertooth tiger. You know how it has fangs coming from the top of it's mouth, right? Well, how about taking that out, making the bottom jaw larger with 2 fangs pointing up.

Also, it's a red tiger with it's normal black stripes. It also has 5 tails with a shiny black at the end point. Its typing can be.. Dark/Normal ?

Another new idea :

A lobster monster! Okay so you have your normal lobster as a base. On it's head, it has 2 giant horns that can be used to impale other monsters. It's a black lobster with red creepy designs.

Instead of it's regular lobster tail, how about the tail of a scorpion is attached to the lobster tail above it. Also, the lobster's legs stretch almost above the body, very sharp. It's like the knee stretches above.

Possible types :

A new idea for an Ancient Monster:
It's a LION!

Make your own modifications to it and I would like to request it as a Fire/Electric type.

(2012-03-13, 07:16 PM)Ghost Wrote: Do another turtle xD I like turtles.
Hmm... How about a tortoise with a really long tail, 2 dragon wings, a long armored head, and on it's shell is a bunch of steel sharp spikes used a defense mechanism?

It has razor sharp claws like a tiger o.o
Quoted from the thread of Narsilion's monsters.
A phantom bird evolution family...

1. Lurkey (lurk + turkey)
2.Poultrygeist (poultry + poltergeist)

Both are ghost/flying type. They represent the expression "running around like a chicken with your head cut off." Lurkey is a disembodied turkey's head, with ghost fog spewing out of the stump of its neck. Poultryguist is a headless chicken body with ghost fog spewing out of its neck hole. The color scheme should be brownish gold, representing fried/grilled chicken (which is implied to be how it died).
worst ideas ive thought of imo :p
[Image: 14mrmoj.jpg] ^_^ yay i did it
[Image: 9s5dhk.jpg]
a plant scorpion evolution family...

1.Scorplant (scorpion + plant)
2.Sporepion (spore + scorpion)

Both are bug/grass type. They are light green in color, with front claws made of folding flower peddles instead of pincers. Their tails are like vines covered in thorns, tipped by a flower bud instead of a stinger. Their peddles are light reddish-brown colored with cream/yellow colored spots. Instead of stinging directly, they spray a poison out of their claw and tail flowers.

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