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So I was just thinking, maybe there could be a monster rental option for level 100 monsters...

For example... Player A wants to borrow Player B's monster to beat a gym. Player B is worried that if he lends the monster, Player A may scam him and keep the monster, or Player A may not be on for a while after borrowing the monster.

By adding a monster rental feature, Player B could lend the monster for a set time limit and the monster will automatically be returned after the set -time expires.


Important things that would need to be included in this...

*Monsters would need to be returned automatically by the system.
*Players should be able to decide how long to lend the monster for.
*Only level 100 monsters should be rentable.
----If under 100, monsters should not gain exp.
*Movesets/TP/win-loss counts should not be affected while being rented.


*New source of income for players with more than enough lv 100's.
*Players can "test-drive" monsters before deciding if they want to buy them, or they can decide if the monster is worth raising.
*Friends can help each other out without having to wait too long for someone to return their monster to defeat a gym or trainer.

Cons -
*This could make getting through the game much easier for people who don't have high monsters yet, and take away from the challenge of the game (since more people would be willing to lend monsters)
*Adding this feature may be a difficult addition in terms of coding/programming (I don't really know how this would be added, but I'm not a programmer Undecided)


Comments or suggestions?
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so hard to code. also, it would be easier to just train one yourself.
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(2013-03-22, 06:12 PM)orboknown Wrote: so hard to code. also, it would be easier to just train one yourself.
Exactly, the game is easier now and monsters can be trained really fast!
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Meh... notty...

Too much abuse of good wall/radiation mons to beat the last arenas...

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