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I saw that some of the artists who are drawing new monsters write their own backstories for each of their monsters. I thought it would be nice to add a lore section to each monster's monsterdex entry, just to make it more interesting.

I have a lot of ideas for this, so I'll write some of them below:

The small, serpentine monster Cinake is an extremely quick and agile hunter in the wild. It is capable of leaping long distances in order to bite it's prey. Upon chomping down, a Cinake's fangs will inject a highly flammable substance into the victim's bloodstream. If the Cinake can get even a spark of fire into the wound, the chemical will ignite, and the victim will burn from the inside. Despite being dangerous, a wild. Cinake is not very aggressive. It prefers to go after smaller monsters, and it rarely attacks humans.

Every once in a while, the common Cinake will transform into an Ashepant. The Ashepant is dangerous species of monster, and people who live near it's habitat know to avoid it's ominous hiss. The Ashepant is significantly darker and more stealthy than the Cinake, preferring to drop down on prey from trees, and silently execute them with it's red-hot tail blade. Due to it's eyes not being obscured, the Ashepant has much better eyesight than a Cinake, allowing it to spit deadly embers with precision. When cornered, and Ashepant can spit a lot of ash and smoke, creating a smokescreen in which to hide.
I've been thinking about this, as I have a lot of the lore for my monsters written down actually or planned out, but...
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I just found this thread:

I'll move my stuff there, instead of making two threads.

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