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Monster Adventures Chapter 2 : First Encounters
Our trio is walking through West Isle..

"Oh man...This is tiring" Floatorm moaned. "You're the one who got yourself into this so you shouldn't be whining!" Lizaur shouted. "Well you're whining about me whining and I know you're tired too!" Floatorm answered back. "Keep quiet!!!You two shouldn't be fighting. We all want to find out about this mystery of Miroushon so don't whine!" Janusplit told the two. "Oh...Sorry Lizaur."Floatorm apologized. "It's okay...though you didn't make sense at all...” Lizaur said. "Hey look the cave!" Janusplit exclaimed. The cave is blocked by a boulder, it seems to be unmovable. "Oh man..we walked all the way towards here just to reach a dead end?" Lizaur said. They notice a strange shuffling sound in the grass...It was a rare Monster, Bavante. "You seem pretty stuck...I'll fix that." Bavante said. He smashed through the boulder with ease. "Thank you sir." Janusplit said. "My name is Bavante. So what brings you here?" Bavante said. "We're looking for the mystery of Miroushon Our friend here seems to know about it!" Floatorm cheerfully said. "Oh...interesting." Bavante suspiciously said. "Well then let's go inside." Lizaur said.

"Wow its dark in here...."Floatorm said.”We're almost there. Just a little more" Bavante said. "I think I see it!" Lizaur said. A room with inscriptions was at the pit of the cave, but the most prominent one is a large triangle in the center. "A triangle..a sun, a moon and an eclipse?" Floatorm said."When the sun and the moon cross each other, the birth of a new takes place."Bavante said. "Wow! You understand that?" Janusplit asked. "I have much to learn!" Janusplit added. "Well, we found clues here, but we still have no leads on Miroushon, so let's keep searching." Lizaur said. They find a fragment, a gold shard filled with light. "It looks like it broke off someone's armor, or
horn..." Bavante said. "What made you say that?" Janusplit asked. "Nothing..just a guess." Bavante suspiciously said. "Well we better get going. It's getting know when it's dark..Creepy
"Floatorm said while quivering behind Janusplit. "Alright team! Off we go!" Lizaur said as they go off and leave. A sudden tremor occurred and covered the exit. "Oh no!!" Floatorm said. "now what?"Lizaur said. They hear a roar back in the room. They find a black shadow floating on top of the triangular symbol. " aren't in here..Where could you have hidden?" The figure said. The shadow disappears and so did Bavante. “Where’s Bavante?" Floatorm wondered. They found out that the boulder cleared up. "Finally let's get out of here!" Janusplit said. The team walks out.

Under a tree in West Isle

"Why did Bavante just disappear like that? It's confusing." Floatorm said. (What is it with that guy?) "Well that isn't to worry about now. We need to get off towards Crane Mesa." Janusplit said. "Alright then, Crane Mesa it is!" Lizaur said. " Well let's camp out here for a while. We'll get back to travelling first thing in the morning." Janusplit told them. "All right...goodnight guys." Floatorm said. (Bavante...he just left us there out of the blue...what is he? Why is he familiar, moreover, the black shadow... It was looking for Solord..then the shard..could it be a fraction of Solord? I must get some sleep..I'll think about it tomorrow.) *shake* (Again?) *shakes*

Lizaur's Vision

"You will all suffer!" "No! I will protect this planet! Together with Dragrove!" "Foolish Miroushon! Dragrove is gone!" "No! He will be safe..." "Goodbye Miroushon! Time to go to sleep!" *explosion*

(Miroushon..could he be dead? No..can't be..must...sleep...What a good day...But what really is my past?)

Meanwhile somewhere in a dark world....

"My Lord..Dragrove is alive sir." "Yes...I've seen him...that Lizaur? He thinks his infiltration could work? Well he's wrong..Miroushon's gone..and now he will be too!"

Who could they be? Find out soon....

Constantly dying yet never dead
This is a nice story but Lizaur's vision kinda confused me a little bit but nice story Big Grin
EP 3 won't be appearing for a while...until the...wait...oh I got an idea of epic proportions! Monster Adventures shall reboot at the naming of the new maps! *off to renaming*
Constantly dying yet never dead

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