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Monster Adventures Chapter 1 : Discovering the Past
All lines in (GREEN) means Lizaur's thoughts.

*Early morning in the shores of Bamboo Coast*

Floatorm walks around the shore.."Lalalalalala-such A wonderful day!" He happily sings while skipping on the sand. He notices a Monster lying down on the shore. " Oh no! Someone's hurt!" He rushes towards the Monster, which was a Lizaur. " Are you hurt? Are you okay?" Floatorm asks panicking. "M-M-M-M-Mirrr....o" Lizaur fainted on the shore. Floatorm alerts the Health Team to cure Lizaur. " His wounds don't appear to so lethal..he could have been smashing through rocks in the ocean to be able to sustain these kinds of wounds." Cheivine said to Floatorm. " He was trying to say some kind of name..but he only said "Miro"." Floatorm explained. "Miro? I never heard such name before. He must be too tired and hurt so he said that." Cheivine said.

After a short amount of time, Lizaur's wounds healed. He returned to the shore, looking back from where he came from. "Miro...I can't seem to remember his name. I must have got hit on the head too hard.." Lizaur softly whispers to himself. "Lizaur! Are you alright?" Floatorm asked. "I'm fine. I think I got some kind of amnesia..I don't remember anything, but I know my name." He replied. " Don't worry it'll come back to you. Right now you need to rest. You can sleep in my house. It's up on a tree at Central Plains." Floatorm says. " Okay..but tomorrow, I'm leaving. I'll be looking for my past." Lizaur said. " But you are still hurt! you might get injured in your journeys! I'll go with you!" Floatorm said. " Fine. but only because I'm hurt, okay?" Lizaur replied.

The next day....

"So now what? You're still sleeping? Wake up!" Lizaur shrugs Floatorm's shoulder. "Not yet." Floatorm still refuses. Lizaur then used Shriek on Floatorm. "Aghhh..alright I'll get up just make it stop!!" Floatorm shouted. They quickly went down the treehouse and prepared to leave. 'Wait! Why don't we go to the Wizote University? it has many information and skilled monsters and adventurers. Maybe they even know about the Miro guy you're saying!" Floatorm said. 'Really!? Awesome! Alright. we go there first and if they know about Miro, we might have a very big clue to finding out my past!" Lizaur happily said. So the duo walks toward North Shore, where Wizote University is located.

The duo has reached the University and they see Wizote's descendant, Unimusity. "Oh hello there! Are you here for joining the University? Are you going to make a team? Or are you gonna read in the library?" He asked. "We want to find out about about a Monster with ' Miro ' in it's name." Lizaur says. "Miro? is no proof yet, but come with me." Unimusity said. They walk toward a room. "This is what we found in our research. In a nearby cave, there are engravings of a monster known as Solord. In another cave, there are also identical patterns which said Lunardian. In a faraway cave, a being called Alaclipse lives there. They say that another mysterious being corrupted Alaclipse and made it to go on a rampage. It resided at Robin Straights for a while until Lunardian, Solord and Alaclipse all disappeared. Another being called Miroushon came to wreak havoc causing Zonench, Tsunidle and Volcaurus to come out of their habitats to fight it. They were overpowered and Miroushon brought them to an unknown place. Nobody saw any of them ever again." (Mi....Miroushon?)

*Lizaur's head starts to hurt*

"Lizaur get out of here! It's too dangerous now!" *explosion* "Hurry!" *explosion* "I don't want to! You're my best friend!" "No you must leave now!" "I don't want! You are going to die here! please don't do it Miroushon!" "You leave me no choice..I must send you away myself!" *glow of light* "It's for the sake of the world, Dragrove."

*Lizaur regains his consciousness*

(What was that?)....(I think I remembered something in my past!) "Hey dude! What's wrong with you? You've been standing still and silent there!" Floatorm said. (Maybe I shouldn't tell him just yet.) "Uhh.nothing. I was just..amazed of the story! That's all." he replied. "Well boys sorry if that's all I can say. I'm really ashamed of our lack of research." Unimusity said. "We want to go look for Miroushon." Lizaur said. "WHAAT!? That's nearly impossible! We don't even have lead on where he is." Unimusity said. "We'll find out." Lizaur said "How do we make a team?" Floatorm said. "You need three members, sorry. But if you come back with a-" Unimusity was disturbed. "I'll join them." A voice emits from the back of the room. "I, Janusplit , will join you. As a very intelligent student, I might serve a good purpose in your travels." Janusplit said. 'Really Janusplit? you're my best student! It's lonely when there isn't anyone correcting me and my mistakes" Unimusity said. "it's fine, sir. Anything that I can do to help' Janusplit said." Thanks Mr. Janusplit, sir! We are happy to have you!" Floatorm said. "Alright, to start, you'll need a team name, but what?" "Why not Team Legend? They're looking for the Legends of Averium, so why not call us that?" Janusplit says. "That's right!' Floatorm said. "Alright Team Legend! You can look for clues in the three caverns: Griffin Cave, Crane Mesa and Black Cave. Good luck!" Unimusity said as he gives them each a map and a backpack. " Thank you sir." Lizaur said. 'Okay guys! Let's look for this Miroushon and get over it!" Janusplit said. (What's that voice a while ago? A Dragrove and..Miroushon!? I must've been related to Miroushon somehow) "Hey! Speed up Lizaur! You're gonna get left behind if you keep that up!" Floatorm shouts. Lizaur catches up as they walk down the path towards Lone Isthmus.


Post down any mistakes or capitalization errors.
Constantly dying yet never dead
ok i checked the monsterdex,its dragrove not dragove
Interesting vantage point. Keep it up Rain.
"If you don't like your destiny, don't accept it. Instead, have the courage to change it the way you want it to be"
(2011-11-30, 06:33 AM)Elijah Wrote: ok i checked the monsterdex,its dragrove not dragove
IKR! That typo's with me for ages.
(2011-11-30, 06:33 AM)Knost ' Wrote: Interesting vantage point. Keep it up Rain.
Thanks, to be honest I already thought of 2nd chapter.
Constantly dying yet never dead
checked the monsterdex again,its volcaurus Smile

I don't understand this sentence,is there a word missing or something

>>> They say that another mysterious being corrupted Alaclipse and made it to go on a rampage.
Oh Come on! I got more typos? Wow I must read the MonsterDex More...
Constantly dying yet never dead
ok that second last line...lizaur should have a capital L
I suppose that's all?
Constantly dying yet never dead
yes and oh yeah the story's awesome! can't wait for the next chapter
I based it mostly on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, though their goal is different.
Constantly dying yet never dead
it's awesome!!!
post the other chapter!!
just so u know i'm pj146 Smile

(2011-11-30, 06:44 AM)Elijah Wrote: I don't understand this sentence,is there a word missing or something

>>> They say that another mysterious being corrupted Alaclipse and made it to go on a rampage.
It means this: There are rumors that another mysterious being corrupted Alaclipse and made it go on a rampage.
Constantly dying yet never dead

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