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Monsnow & Titanice redesigns, please comment
Hello everyone!

Here is my newest work, of the Snow/Water type Emissary monster.
The design had me thinking as I had to combine several characteristics of other animals. I hope my designes could improve the original concept.

[Image: 9070612876fd915123054eb919ed82da-d70zmxv.png]
It's really awesome.
Superb. Congrats  Robert Fiddler Smile
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[Image: ArceusHeatshot.png]
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I love your illustrations
[Image: 11jozyq.jpg]
great job m8 bravo Wink
[Image: attachment.php?aid=446]
Too much for my eyesSmile
Very good i like Wink
The Dragon Slayer

[Image: Kaissig_zps260304a2.jpg]
Great re-draws!  Your artwork is amazing!! Cool
[Image: 2vru43d.jpg]
Amazing work, always loved Titanice even before leaving the game.
Glad to see it get some artist love.
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i tip my hat too u Big Grin
[Image: Page%202.png]
Great !

Your sprites are improving.
Keep up the good work! I like it a lot
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[Image: Gavel-Outside-w.jpg]
OMG! I love them!
Insane Robert! I love them!
[Image: viking.png]

The Vikings Will Rampage.
Oh yes! They are looking pretty epic now Big Grin
Very nice indeed.
I can't even begin to describe how awesome this is.
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Looks good!
Great art as always! Big Grin

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