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So we were about to leave for a two-day trip,an I remember before that I taught my Dragove MT Super Beam and Giga Charge.Now I came back,they're gone! Did somebody hack my account or is this a bug?
Constantly dying yet never dead
No rain, when a new alpha came the moves reset themselves ;/
Just your not so typical Gunblade Master.
mnxenx001 is my hero. If you dont know who that is...

Look 'em up on DA or Furaffinity.
Heh you didnt hear it from me.
oh,i shouldn't had came with them in that vacation............
anyways...when the beta is up will this also happen when it updates?
Constantly dying yet never dead
err no, and squall , it will not happen everytime.....
When the alpha1.0.3 came, the moveset of bxmn was checked and corrected.
previously a bxmn with type fire could do grass type attacks which should be there so, all mvoeset were fixed and now it's perfect as it should be.
SO, Cefurkan decided to reset all the moves. Wink
And when 1.0.4 came moves were not reset so, squall this move reset should not happen anymore.... Smile
I think this thread is irrelevant now, so close?

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