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Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) is an anime where it features a middle school boy who considered himself as a bystander. He wanted no interaction with others and just stayed to himself. Whenever he went home, he would close his eyes and go into his imaginary mind to meet his imaginary friend known as Deus de Maxima (I think..).

Deus is supposedly "God" in the anime, ya know, the creator of time and space. Since the main character, Yukitera, uses his diary so much, Deus formed a little survival game where the diary is useful. His diary can predict the future, not of himself, however. It predicts the future of what happens around him.

Now, he thought he was the only one with a future diary. Deus has made 12 owners of future diaries, all with their own aspects.

To learn more, watch the anime <.< It's a really cool yet really creepy anime.. Very creepy O.o yet awesome.

Genre : Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction, Shounen.

Useful link :
Sounds like Death Note a little

only without the whole "whoever's name you write here will die thing "
You dare Challenge ME ?

sounds cool...maybe i'll find a few episodes to watch online
Sorry not high school. Just over powered middle school students '-' now it's officially crazy.
This Anime is very good :_)
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Lol yea. I'm hoping they will continue Smile
Episode 9 .... Be Wary of who act nice around you ... isn't that right .... Fourth?
Fourth is Sneaky Big Grin
Oh .. my gosh this anime makes other animes fall to dust , i mean its the best
any other similar to this?

Also this "new Project" or whatever , when will i come out? Sad
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and what is the "new project" ?
Idk That is what i wanna know Sad
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google it then? cuz idk
i did ._.
says its like a season 2 but i wanna know when it comes out and whats it about ._.
also is there any other animes similar to this 1?
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Never watched the anime. I mostly read the manga because the blood is blacked out. *~*;

I heard about it when I found this:

There was a link to the video that showed the OP to the anime...

Seeing it made me read the manga instead. -_-; (I'm such a wimp.)
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Its very awesome and i'm in search of a similar anime to it ._.
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