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Maximum Battle Bonuses That Can Be Obtained
Lets say 

You have no guild

Your Account Level is : 0

Your Prestige Level is : 0

You have no account bound item

So your Monster stat boosts like below

[Image: attachment.php?aid=640]

Second case

Your Guild level is : 200

Your Account Level is : 130

Your Prestige Level is : 100

You have all of the account bound items and their level is : 100

In that case you get the below bonuses

HP : 100% -> 100%

Attack, SpAttack, Defense, SpDefense : 100% -> 170.5%

Speed : 100% -> 163%

Accuracy, Evasion : 100% -> 130%

Critical Hit : 4% -> 67%

[Image: attachment.php?aid=641]

Whenever you use a Dispel, Charm, or Frighten item,
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