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You can find all maps here:

Zone 1:                                                          

[Image: pokemon_like_monster_mmorpg_v2_zone_1_wo...5nzr32.png]   

Zone 2: 
[Image: pokemon_like_monster_mmorpg_v2_zone_2_wo...5nzrju.png]

Zone 3:
[Image: pokemon_like_monster_mmorpg_v2_zone_3_wo...5nzrsf.png]

Zone 4
[Image: pokemon_like_monster_mmorpg_v2_zone_4_wo...5nzs0n.png]

There are 19 zones you can see that when you open the link

When you don't know the way you need to go for the gym or which way for the and of the map use these.

Click on the picture(when you open that link) and you see all maps, when you click on that you see the monstersSmile

If you have other problems with the maps make a thread ofcourse!

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