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Major Implementation - 20th Zone
i finally got CeF to agree on giving us a 20th Zone a couple days ago, and now on his wish, i'll make this thread, so all of you can once more state their opinions etc.

It is no secret, that after a while, the game, Get's Boring, the gyms easy, the hunting monotone. 
The game's around for a while now , and so far, only Hunters and "Casuals" benefitted from the changes / implementations;
Be it easier hunting, zone nerfing, or new Monsters.
For V3 isn't yet near, this will beef up the spice and get us busy for some time, to not having to rely on V3 any longer.

As a result, i saw it a necessity, that changes need to be done, to for once, benefit those seeking challenges, and those long around enough, to not be impressed by new Monsters 

After clearing that out, let us continue with what is planned:

A 20th Zone, a new Zone which can, and should be seen as a BONUS-Zone.
The whole Zone will have a "Victory Road" kind of flair, pretty straight forward, with a guardian like NPC at the end of each Map/Route.
Will be accessible via the Ship in Grand Monster Capital

●UBER DIFFICULTY- The Zone will be brutaly Hard, it will deliver a True challenge away from PvP. A 20th Gym, 4-5Colosseum (Explanation below), Guardians at every Map.
•20th Gym: Harder, better, stronger! And a new badge.
•Colosseum: The ultimate challenge, highly specialized gym-like arenas, awarding more EXP, more Gold and Victory-Insigna (no rank benefits, but mad Community respect! )
•Higher encounter lvls of Wild Monsters. 

●MOAR REWARDS!!: More Gold and EXP from NPCs, and Colosseum with high end rewards, means you can giga more, level more, and Farm more!(and faster too!)

●HUNTING PERKS!: New available classes and higher encounter chances!
•Giga-Zenith available with low encounter chances like 1:55.000.
¤EDIT : If able to Script / code, RB Monsters with a Low encounter rate
(Wished by alot of players)

•Higher odds on Ancients: Hardcore difficulty needs to pay out, even for all you hunters out there.
•Zenith, Legend and Anc on same maps, making hunting worth it.

●Community Fun: Obtainable NPCs and settable Teams!
•Obtainable NPC: PvP Tourny and Ranking(or donate for one) decides who gets one.
Have an NPC on either a special area or on the Maps in the last Zone
(Of course not the important NPCs to guarantee difficulty)
→Will have your Name on it!
→You can Set Team, Movesets and held items, like Managing a Reward Box Monsters.
Deem last zone to easy? Make others suffer!
Want to leave your Mark on the game? Get eternalized in the Champions Zone!

●Customization: New skins for you!
•20th Badge skins
•Special Character skins your NPC will have, which only you are able to use.

As you can see, stuff for everyone, New motivation, everything we -the long time players dreamed of.
Let's show CeF that this is our wish!!


P.s.: Another PvP Idea is planned based on capt's idea and some refinement by me, as soon as i get a response from CeF on that one, i will make another thread and link it here!
*edit* Thread's been made and can be found  → here ←

Click here for PokePets Thread

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Let's just go and see the world and just show them
What it really means to live life golden.

The Rekfast Club
I can't vote until i have 2 more posts..... so very awesome!!!
Total support! The players need this.
sweet support idea great job there gall
[Image: attachment.php?aid=446]
I support this
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
Great idea as mentioned on several occasions.
Would like to see a test-server perhaps first, but what do I know?
In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems.
For issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same.

[Image: Gavel-Outside-w.jpg]
(2016-01-22, 04:49 PM)Cpt. Obvious Wrote: Great idea as m mentioned on several occasions.
Would like to see a test-server perhaps first, but what do I know?

Yea, a test run would be necessary since balancing difficulty is what will be the hardwst part, a plain boost doesn't suffice, and a boost with pvp specs may go brutally overkill.
Let's just go and see the world and just show them
What it really means to live life golden.

The Rekfast Club
I like this ideaBig Grin
Yaa it will nice for strong player
up for zone 20th Shy
Included the wanted RBs, however, in the end, it's still cef who decides ^^

Let's just go and see the world and just show them
What it really means to live life golden.

The Rekfast Club
Sounds cool, would be wicked if it got implemented Big Grin
You have myself and the Digital Devil's vote.
great idea
great idea 100% support
[Image: 149ay5s.png]
Monster Of The Hidden Mist
Wow awesome ... i can't wait of the 20th zone.Wink
Well, since the threads now enjoy the Attention they deserve, i will state a detailed in depth explanation on the aspects.

Uber Dificulty

Well, the point is to get a zone where you really have to think and feel challenged, currently the only challenge there is, would be 19th gym.
So to bring back challenge, and reward feeling, we need more Dificulty. 

The idea is PvP specs; Not only possible megas on a NPC's team, but also more boost (not too much tho), Moves which don't compromise of the last 4 learned, and a set up which people would use, Example : Goritaur as Phys wall, Tempteras as sp.wall, Aurorils as sp.Sweeper, Giga-Chromeleon as phys.sweeper. Golemet as wall, and Giga-Dragonoon as Sp.Tank.

On top, the guardian, which as always, stays a bit stronger and is at the end of every route.
The Gym which will be pretty much a more difficult 19th zone Gym.
The 4-5 additional gym like Colosseum will prove another Challenge, no badges from those but Victory Insignia, which won't impact rank, but are something to brag with. Possible as a second badge line. 
They are Planned to be Theme-Based; 1 for Status Reduction, 1 with walls only etc.

The Rewards

Not much to say here, to enable even more lvling / gold grinding, and to compensate for the time investment on the difficulty - meaning a rewarding zone, which will be worth going to - EXP and Gold Rewards will be high.
On the Colosseum even more.

Hunting Perks

Well, there are events ever so rarely in which 2Ancients end up on the Same map, however if they do, it's a 1/5.000 odd, Since 0.01+0.01.
However, since it isn't as beneficial as on PP, 20th Zone could fix it.
So there are Several ways to Do this;
●1. We set the Chance in that Zone to 0.02 (1/5.000) by default.
•or 1/7.500 or whatever. 
●2. We allow 2Ancients on each Map in that Zone permanently.
•Could be most wanted ones, like Aurorile, Orogond, or Sarcuda
•Allows for a voting Feature in which community could vote on which Ancients will be in that Zone.
As to making Giga-Zenith huntable: Gigas have a value of ~300m, Ancients already have a base value of 50-80m. The Giga-Zenith are one way to erase hunting Monotonie, without breaking the game like making Fully fixed Anc or Giga-Legends (800m) available to be hunted.
There aswell are several ways to do this:
●1. Making one Giga-Zenith available on the Maps in that Zone (on later maps on it) with odds like 1:55.000.
•The point is not to make it lucrative, but to allow for another class to be hunted WHILE Continuing to fill the Monster-Dex.
●2. Allowing them to appear as Events in the last Zone.
•Giga-Zenith with 5times Ancient odds, or whatever you folks deem to be most appropriate or what CeF will agree on.
Furthermore, last Zone should have at least 1 Zenith 1 Legend and 1 Ancient on all Maps, so that the maps are worth hunting on.

Now as to RBs, i see it Hard to realize since that would require (as to my knowledge) RBs turning into a class of their own, much like Legends, Giga-Legends, Ancient etc. are.
However :
●There might could be daily/weekly events, increasing general UV odds on Pokemon, like you're twice as likely to finde a Monster with higher than 40UVs etc.
Note : it depends on whether CeF can/or wants it.

Player Features

As stated, it would be neat to make Champions Zone a Hall-Of-Fame -ish Zone.
And as such an ideal way would be to give Players (the best that is) an NPC.
Those NPCs can either be placed in a Bonus Area (like after last Gym or a seperate way leading to it) or around the Maps in non crucial places.
● Like Manage Reward Monsters, where players can "manage" the nature/abilities of those, there could be a section further down in which they can manage the NPC
•The Team Monster - as to what class / how many of those etc. it can be discussed later. 
•The Moves (Moveset)
•Held Items.

Note : it's not PvP, you won't fight AS the NPC, players will just fight AGAINST it in the last Zone.

Furthermore, to really eternalize them, the NPCs will be named after your account name(otherwise it would just be a random npc that a random player may or may not have Customized). And your achievement. Example : 
Galliant (Best looking Mod) 
Galliant (1st in PvP Tourny)
To deepen the "unique" aspect, these NPCs should have an own Sprite, only for the NPC and the Player which earned it.
●Could be recolored existing Sprites
●Coul be new made ones
•Of Course, there needs to be a Set for those who got 20badges anyways.
Like said, those could be earned via Ranking and/or a Toury for that, and/or even to Players which already helped out a lot (ideas / advertising etc.)
•And a few willing to donate for one Big Grin

Zone / Maps

The Zone should be pretty straight forward. Means one main "Road" leading to the last Gym. On that main "Road", there should be like 2maps which additionally provide one way up and one down, meaning  2 crossroad maps.
These lead to a Colosseum each. Last Colosseum could be on same Map as the Gym.
Now :
●Will be reachable from the Ship in GMC (Grand Monster Capital)
●Could be implemented via "minimal " work :
•There could be a map of each zone cut together to form last zone.
•Something like 19th gym edited onto Starfall and recolored.
→ will add Bonus zone flair, Doesn't require too much work.

●completely new Zone made.
•Victory Road flair like walking an inpressive way while you know there comes the boom.
•Can make new buildings for Gym and Colosseum. 

Allright, i hope that gave you an idea and helped you to understand it better, thanks for taking the time to read it, with said being said : -Bump- :p

Let's just go and see the world and just show them
What it really means to live life golden.

The Rekfast Club
Sounds good
i support you 100%
genius ideaBig Grin

As agreed taku is here with his moldy, crusted over, and frankly quite smelly opinion.

I'm one of those "casuals" that Gawwy mentioned in the beginning, and I personally am not very interested in the region. What I am interested in however is the type of people this will keep/bring in the game The "battlers" shall we say Those great forces of the economy who sell their junk and buy up the viable.

In short the people who make me money :3

Bring on the 20th zone, I can smell the money already :3
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQjk8wO2t6sHmKt_B-_FtO...vOjUyihBSc]
nice idea but giga-zenith with a encounter chance of 1:55000? pls not ._.
SO does it means that ancient can now be easily pop-up? well 100% support....
Btw what will happen to the players who bought gems? do they got a half of it?
Good Luck1
and Nice Thread
im all up for this one, =)
wow would be awesome ^^ can't wait Big Grin

Would give players a reason to stick around.
"If you don't like your destiny, don't accept it. Instead, have the courage to change it the way you want it to be"
(2016-09-18, 09:58 PM)Knost Wrote: PLEAASSEE PUT THIS IS THE GAME!

Would give players a reason to stick around.

yeah ik some ppl from both games that hardly play and say they wont play much until game gets updated again
guys my phd thesis is about to finish hopefully

after that we may add these ideas Big Grin

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