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Motivation Yields Top Honor

We seek to become the strongest PvP guild in this game by developing the fundamental skills of all members.

Requirements to Join

  1. Must own all main items and AI moves
  2. Own at least 1 special attacker (good nature, 20 UV)
  3. Own at least 1 physical attacker (good nature, 20 UV)
  4. Own at least 2 walls (good nature, 20 UV)
  5. Own at least 2 sweepers (good nature, 20 UV)
  6. Level, TP, Class and current move set do not matter on these monsters.

Leader (1 spot available)

Co-Leader (1 spot available)

War Band (4 spots available)
Best non-leader PvP players
Quanto_Konami, Subarashi, Pein

PvP Ready (Unlimited)
full pvp team of zenith or better trained to 100

Members (Unlimited)

In Training (Unlimited)
Cpt. Obvious

Applicants (Pending)

How to obtain these guild ranks...
In training: Must be ready to learn about pvp
Member: must have a team of level 49 pvp monsters(zeniths preferably) and know about pvp
PvP ready: Must have a team of level 100 zeniths+ and be able to beat the co-leader in a Mixed(zenith/emissary[co leader team]) Vs. Mixed(zenith+[your team]) pvp battle 2/3
War band: Must be the best,non-leader pvp player(s) in the guild
Co-Leader/Leader: NOT OBTAINABLE


Training Guild
Guild Account
Mission (in training players): Train a monster up to level 69 by 11-19.

Reward: 100k from Hammerbro13

Mission (in training players): get a team of level 24 pvp mons by 11-22

Reward: 100k from ZacheryMatthews
doesn't seem to be a problem Smile it shall be done!
In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems.
For issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same.

[Image: Gavel-Outside-w.jpg]
new mission added (:
doesn't seem interesting. if i were to play the game and see this, i wouldn't wanna join. there's nothing attractive here Sad
I'll concede that we don't have pretty graphics. However I'll add that based on your other posts your lack of interest in this guild likely comes from lack of interest in actually playing, which is where the members of this guild spend most of their time logged in.
2 more days for hammer mission,and 5 more for my mission
[Image: 9s5dhk.jpg]
what mission . i never receive pm of any mission
Monster Showcase!

Fabulous prizes for all participants! Come see the wonders collected in game!

  • Monster ID must be greater than 2,312,000.
  • Monster nature must be viable for PvP with the monster's own class/level.
  • Monsters must be submitted (posted here with link) on or before 11-30.
Awards (15k each)
  • Best of Class (each class, 6 possible, triple award)
  • Best of Type (dual element monsters are entered as both, 18 possible)
  • Best of Combat Role (9 possible, double prize)
  • Best in Show (10x award)

Monster's will be judged based on UV's & nature, along with potential move set for the monster (when determining combat role). Best in show total UV's are modified by 15% per class above Regular up to a maximum of 50% (for example, a legend with mirage nature would get a score of 42 for an attack value of 20).

Over half a million is being awarded, happy hunting to all!
Needs some more on the opening post, Imo.
nicely said,you have very good ideas hammer,ca i get in your guild
(2012-11-26, 07:47 PM)heteriam Wrote: nicely said,you have very good ideas hammer,ca i get in your guild

I see that you are part of monster power. I've created a section for applicants to allow time to communicate about that as I don't want to undermine any guild. Splitting 3 members from D.A.S. to get started is the last uninformed loss I want to be the cause of.

A guild account has been created for the purpose of receiving donations and awarding prizes for guild events & activities.
het how could you you have let monster power down man Sad
@monster i think he left because your clan has no-sense of direction. Meaning its poorly set up and poorly ranked but thats how i see it
he has left myth and re-joined my guild again ha!
lol hes a clan hopper....
He isn't a clan hopper. I created the pending section in order to settle some confusion that existed via pm. After seeing a post that heteriam was happy to be part of monster power I removed him from MYTH.

A little communication goes a long way.
Hey Hammerbro how have you been ?
Signature Shop
imma have to leave MYTH. this guild is way inactive...sorry man,i wish best of luck for this guild man.
[Image: 9s5dhk.jpg]
Whatever happened to hammerbro?
(2013-01-28, 04:55 AM)zacherymatthews Wrote: imma have to leave MYTH. this guild is way inactive...sorry man,i wish best of luck for this guild man.
 I've Seen This Post SO many Times Sad
[Image: patrick_star_signature__by_astra_star-d393bi2.jpg]
sounds like a personal problem,get over it(;
[Image: 9s5dhk.jpg]
Could Never Be Personal To Me :o
I Dead Don't Even Care To Get Over It But , Does It Feel Good To Leave A Guild In A Time Of Need? 
[Image: patrick_star_signature__by_astra_star-d393bi2.jpg]
Does it feel good to bother the people who simply don't care what you say? (:
[Image: 9s5dhk.jpg]
Lml Sorta , But Does It Feel Good To Be disrespectful to the people that actually showed sympathy to what you use to say?Cus I Sure Don't Sad
[Image: patrick_star_signature__by_astra_star-d393bi2.jpg]
Disrespectful ? please. i'm just protecting myself since others seem to want to disrespect me because of the past decisions i made. besides, it's not like i asked for your sympathy.
[Image: 9s5dhk.jpg]
Lol Who Said I Ever Showed You Sympathy? Pshh And Whats There To Protect?
Its Like You Set Yourself Up For The "Disrespect" But I'll Leave This Team Chat , Cya In The Future Tongue
[Image: patrick_star_signature__by_astra_star-d393bi2.jpg]
you just said you did. and my pride,honestly your bringing up stuff that happened what? 2-4 months ago. get over it man,it's old news,bye.
[Image: 9s5dhk.jpg]
2-4 Months Ago? You Leaving This Guild Was Yesterday News "Buddy"
And What Is There To Get Over? I Dead Don't Care , I'm Just Pointing Out There That The Post " I'll Be Leaving This Guild"
Is Not New Nor Will It Be New On ANY Guild Thread , Pff Now Bye "Buddy" Smile
[Image: patrick_star_signature__by_astra_star-d393bi2.jpg]
Seriously guy's drama like this on a guild thread O.o if you are going to carry on this drama take it to Pm's

For this i do not care who you are i am doing my Job - "Both of you are getting Warning Level on here"
The Dragon Slayer

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