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MT moves filter in market
Couldn't find a previous thread about this. When you're in the market to buy an MT move, there is a difference in the way the name of the move displays in the Filter By Name box and the way it displays in the list of shop items. In the filter box, it shows as MT1819 : Expel Affliction, but in the shop items list it appears as MT1819-Expel Affliction. This little difference keeps the filter from working. I have to flip through all the pages until I get to the page that has that move rather than being able to go right to it by the use of the filter. Hope I'm being clear enough describing. I also attached an image.
[Image: sicktag_by_bohochickky-d7tbbcd.png]
boho, you can always just type in the name of the move or the MT number..both work just as well, i believe Smile
Viper, thank you - indeed it does work if I type mt1819, then hit the Filter button, instead of selecting "MT1819 : Expel Affliction" button from suggestions. I thought I had to select one of the suggested names! This will save me lots of time in the future! Tongue
[Image: sicktag_by_bohochickky-d7tbbcd.png]

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