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Luxcatty Doppler Event ( WIN Legendaries)
Okay beta is coming soon so for the remaining time we have left on alpha i want to try out events. The prize from these event are only for alpha because i am testing my event hosting skills, so have fun.

Requirement must have a full roster have to have 6 of the same monster that is evolution of luxcatty
3. All of the monster cannot be 4+ lvl apart from each other
4.To enter you must take a screen shot of your team page and post it here on the forum
5. End of event will be determine by this sunday However this date can change
1. player with the highest rate of lvl will win

Prizes ( all monster prizes are Alpha ONLY)
1st place
COLLOSAL TRIO + the option to switch one of the trio for Alieian

[Image: 646Volcaurus.png][Image: 647Zonench.png][Image: 648Tsunidle.png]

2nd place
Alieian + Volcaurus
[Image: 659Alieian.png][Image: 646Volcaurus.png]

3rd place
[Image: 646Volcaurus.png]

ALL qualyfying participant
will all recieve Titanice
[Image: 387Titanice.png]

i will be deleting post if its not a submission
[Image: miyavis.png]
Leader boards

1.kunwarkharbanda 100
1.darckx 100 collecter 69
3.metaknight 55
P.ROck gyo 49

1.kunwarkharbanda #646,#647,#648 lvl 100
1.darckx #646,#647,#648lvl 100 collecter #646,#659 lvl 69
3.metaknight #646lvl 55
P.ROck gyo #387 lvl 51
P.hello4321 #387 lvl 51
P.darckdragonx #387 lvl 51
P.misdreavus #387 lvl 51
[Image: miyavis.png]
ALL prizes have been handed out This event is adjourned.
if you didnt get your prize please conatact me
[Image: miyavis.png]
From #20 to #44 due to my newest low lvl, rofl. Thanks for it Miyavi it will be a wonderful lvl 100. Smile
[Image: ngynt3.png]

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