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trading for donation value

For more details PM me in game nick: Luqas.
My profile:
I just want to point out that 37.5$ donation for 1 ancient is very bad deal. Donation you can get from that ancient would be 15$ if not then $7.5, if your spending gold then go for at-least 70mil+
Uhh.... I don't understand it :/

What do we pay you, what will you give us etc.... Its just not clear....
It is simple as he said it, he will give Aurorile for 37.5$ donation or 40mil for 7.5$...

*dumb me*

Well, luqas, im not sure if trading in game stuff for real money is allowed XD
(2013-03-15, 06:13 PM)Luqas Wrote: Some user told me that i can trade donation money for in-game money, if server rules are against it I will delete this topic.
I made those price better than official donation monster buy and event ended month ago. So they are nice.
Luqas, Zero wasn't saying it was bad as in. "you're doing a bad thing", but rather "you're getting a very, very bad deal. 

You can pm me for help on the trade value of your donations.
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yeah...this is like putting an item that costs 50,000 on the bazaar for 100,000
420 Blaze it Lol

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