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Thank you everyone ;w;/

@Zack: Once upon a time I tried drawing a platypus mon. It looked awful. And then I tried again and it still looked awful and I rage quitted on ever making one.
@SparrowHawk: Op sorry X'D I figured it probably belonged over there but |D /dumb don't mind her/ And did I say I was going to draw a duck? I don't remember <w>
@SlimJim: We do, which is quite literally eeveelutions off of a Delcatty/Skitty evo but I will probably end up doing something else, be it a dragon or something with multiple type evos or what. Idk yet, still looking for something more clever then just "My cat can turn into elemental versions of itself"
@Orbo/Etc for the Kangaroo thing: Idk if you can even call it a kagnaroo tbh <w> it's one of those monsters that... just... doesn't really look like any one animal so.
@iRemember: Ah it was great! I had a lot of fun, and saw a lot :'D glad to be back though.
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Can you make a knight-esque looking mon?
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Omg gk you need to get your honor henrie has been drawing some fab monsters
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When do you get back on posting them? Any approximate date?
Looking forward to The Forest Guardian thingy... wait...
Just to remember, Henrie redrew some of the things I've sent you in a pm...
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This one ^
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