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Lolzinator has returned?!
Yeah. yeah he has, somewhat atleast. Ive been hanging around chat for a few days, some of you may have seen me, and this game somehow managed to drag me back into grinding, so here we are.

Hi guys! Been a while! A few 5-6 years?? dude...

Anyways, i need some help. Most likely from the boss Cefurkan himself, but any help is appreciated.

My account:

I cant enter it. Lost the password, lost the email, years ago, im not sure how i can verify its my account though, i can confirm this is me in chat, i still have my custom Viking title, but it seems there arent any connection between forum and game account so idk man, help me rescue my dead account so i dont have to start all fresh here Big Grin

Also nice to see you all, hopefully ill see some more familiar faces in chat soon, seems like forever ago i was here and it kinda is so if you have no idea who i am, i get it, you have no reason to. But im cool, dont worry.
welcome back

we did huge updates very recently

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