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Little help is need
Hello all.
I am quite new user, who still got a little problem building monsters
Now I got problem with this guy:

I decided that I will collect cash to nc him, so I wanna to build him best as it is possible for me Smile

1) Nature.
I am thining about Profound nature, cos it is (imo) best nature for him.

2) TP
Here I have 1st dilemma. Go 200hp, 399SpDef, 200Def or decide for 399SpDef, 400Def?

3) Moveset
Well, my biggest enemy here.
Now I am thinking about:

1) ID:1457, Boils
BP:1, MP:10, Acc:1000
Cos 100% burn

2) ID:2569, Toxic Mist
BP:1, MP:8, Acc:1000
Same, but with 100% poison

3) ID:1559, Odd Dance
BP:1, MP:8, Acc:1000
To have chance to remove status effects like burn etc. from myself

4) ID:2107, Electro Regen
BP:1, MP:12, Acc:1000
To have any hp regeneration move (32% is not much, but bettter than nothing)

Still, I think those moves are too worth mention, so I don`t know what to do:

ID:2004, Titanium Power
BP:1, MP:15, Acc:1000
Ev rising one would be sweet to have

ID:2732, Reset Spark
BP:1, MP:8, Acc:1000
Status remover

4) Hold item
I have no idea here. Def armor maybe?

So, any advice from more exp players would be great :/
Any advice from anyone would be great Smile

Nature - Profound would be a nice nature for him but don't forget the abilities. None of these abilities actually fit to be a wall. Normally you would need to have at least 1 if not 2 good abilities suited for the nature.

Training points - The first option is better just because Vydral's HP base stat is pretty low for an ancient.

Move set - For wall monsters, it is important to stall the enemy as much as possible to decrease their MP then to give them status problems. These MP are pretty low and it would suffer from opposing walls.

Item - Always use Orb items for profound natures (Electric or Poison )


Nature - Walls play a big role on NPC battles. Normally they are the ones you need to defeat late Arena's or boosted NPC's

Training points - I would prefer using 200 HP / 300 Defense / 299 Sp.Defense

Move set - This move set could work but I would take Odd dance out and give it a debuffing/decreasing stats move.

Item - Orb items (Electric or Poison )

These are my thoughts on the build but in my opinion it would be better as Tank or Hallucination since the abilities benefit these two natures the most (abilities play a big role)

Considering you are new and came up with this build means that you have great potential and this came from Dark.Zero
Nuff said

But I will elaborate a bit more.
Vydral is awesome as a defensive type, but can also pack a really mean punch.
The abilities that are on your monster aren't useful for a wall, far from it, it's better to give it either hallucination or a tank-type nature.
Walls need cautious, slow tough, max guard, perfect body, radiation, evasion master, accuracy decreaser or camouflage.

So, my suggestion is either tank or hallu
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Thank You both for advices, it will help me a lot understanding few things.
For now I will make him more NPC-wall to finish last arenas, and I will try to build pvp team when I will absorb more knowledge about monsterabilities/natures Smile

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