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List of Planned Features In Game
Someone asked me "Is there a list of planned features for the game?" today which made me decide to create a thread to answer that question. It will lists the top priorities from top to bottom. Extra features are suggestions that are agreed by CeFurkan and are on the official-to do list Smile

Top Priorities are the ones that are currently being worked on and are the most important. The extra features are suggestions and are less important. They will be dealt with after our goals are accomplished.

Suggestion To-Do List :

The whole game is going to be re-coded. Just sayin ;D

Top Priorities :

Features Coming Soon!

Extra Features :
  • More Monsters - We are planning to have 10,000 or more monsters in the game. They will come in time Smile Artists are being gathered, current artists are working. We'll have a lot of fantastic different monster styles which will spice up our game!
  • Item Droppings - Monsters will be dropping some items but they will be hard to catch. You are not supposed to be able to buy them, so good luck! NPCs are also going to be giving some items, maybe.
  • Quests - They will be added once our top priorities are finished. It depends on the NPCs coming along. It gives you something to do in the game instead of just battling, finding new monsters, getting ancient gems.
  • Friends List - Yes there will be a friends list added Smile
  • Clans/Guilds/Teams - Yes we will have a system for all teams.
  • Achievement System
  • New Chat System

Why no one tell me to update this?

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