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Light_Ozone donation list
My new liste

7.50=trashy ancient(Anything)
15=decent pvp mon (tanky or damage materiel)
22.50=god mon(maxed uvs eh nature good moveset)
50=top monster( 50 uvs Best nature good moveset)

thats my anc list 

I have 410$ in the fund atm thats how much i am spending atm i will edit it every time i run out of money its for people that cant donate but have money and mons. Bye!!!!

Now accepting gold 100m per 7.50 because im not in need of gold but  you can always find other people if you find my prices unfair or pm me if you want me to hold onto some money for you
[Image: Obito-Harvey-001.png%3fpsid%3d1?rdrts=66690578]
Wait so... What are the prices for what? o.o
Uhm ill fix it you can pm me if u need it despertly
[Image: Obito-Harvey-001.png%3fpsid%3d1?rdrts=66690578]
great. keep it upSmile
Let's just go and see the world and just show them
What it really means to live life golden.

The Rekfast Club
[Image: Obito-Harvey-001.png%3fpsid%3d1?rdrts=66690578]
Oh so you don't take gold..?

welp.. there goes my 550mil
Accepting gold now!
[Image: Obito-Harvey-001.png%3fpsid%3d1?rdrts=66690578]

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