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There is a thing called "Lets Plays" on youtube witch is basicly people playing games while comentating!

It might sound a little boring but for me, it's my escape from reality.... when watching these videos i just get so dragged in to them, that I forget about every bad thing that happens irl Wink

My favourite Lets Players are:

PewDiePie ----> Mainly does horror games but do some other games too like happy wheels and just dance... he is hilarious(imo) Wink
AttackingTucans ----> Mainly does nintendo games but have been playing some computer games too, currently doing LOZ Wind Waker.... He is a little inappropriate, but extrimely funny Big Grin
Chuggaaconroy ----> Only does nintendo games (or at least games that are released on a nintendo system) and is a little more serious than the two others but i still love him! He is currently playing Okamiden Smile
Donnabellez ----> Is a woman unlike the other three.... she does mostly nintendo games but not always though. She is currently playing LOZ Majoras Mask and katamari! ;D

There are a lot more than these... but they are my personal favourites Wink

Hope some of you guys like them^^

And if some of you guys have any more lets players you like... just post them here Wink
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I watch Chuggaaconroy have you watched Lueroi
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Gameplay and Commentary. I dislike pewdiepie, he annoys me..

I have some to share Smile May I share? I only have about 2 people lol

I believe I've heard of PewDiePie, too... probably in the comments of some other video...
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Well as i said earlier.... this is just my 4 personal favourites, i watch a lot more including lueroi^^

And if you have any more lets players that you like just post them here Big Grin
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My imaginary friend thinks you have serious mental problems!
MarkiplierGame guy is hilarious, his faces are funny xD


penguinz0 XDDDDDDDD
they are kind of like pewdiepie...right?? doing horror games with face-cam and stuff..?
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My imaginary friend thinks you have serious mental problems!
GameGrumps :p
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