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Layout/UI Overhaul
Hello, everyone, and thanks for clicking. I was a professional graphic designer some time ago, and I would really like to take a crack at helping with the layout of the website. I can see a few optimizations that could be made, and I want to proceed with designing a few mock up screens to help out.

I am not sure who runs the sight, but I hope that if I do a good job, someone might notice. If any one has any suggestions on what should be done or considered, I wonder if it is OK to post those here.

Thanks all, and I will get cracking!
Well, I finished my first draft, but I can't show you because I don't have enough posts on the forum. So I am going to make some short, useful posts, and hopefully not be annoying. Be back soon!
If you are talking about to improve game then its great idea btw  CeFurkan is the owner of the game
Yes, exactly. I have some ideas to help clean up some things that might be seen as clutter. This first draft that I did will be very similar to what people are used to. I don't want to change it so much that veteran players are lost in navigation.

I also have some new ideas to kind of streamline things.

I'd like to take this time to thank you for this game. It really is interesting and a good deal apart from Pokémon where I feel like I am playing a game that is carefully designed. Also, I do apologize if my enthusiasm to help the game visually comes across as insulting. I like the game, and I am in a point in my life where I can finally spend the time necessary to play it. Thank you also for taking the time to entertain my thoughts.

I should be able to soon post my link to the design I did.
Here's the first draft of the main game page:

The first page in this PDF is what the main game screen would look like. I consolidated a lot of links under the menu (I know it's plain, but could make it a little bit fancier). All of the information (most of it) from the design implemented now is represented, just in a different way. This isn't too much different than what everyone is used to because I don't want to make a huge change and no body knows where anything is.

There is one more button I would like to add on the screen. The button takes you to the "set team" page ( That is a page that I had to search for in the menu.

The map panel is centered now with the name of the location in big letters at the top. This is followed by the Zone (2 Grass) and Move Order (50). The next icon over is the Surface Type and the next icon over is the symbol for coordinate.

The panel that describes the monster that appears is a bit different. The shield and color represents the type of monster it is, and in this case, it is a flying monster. I know there are icons already for all the different monster types, but they are rather small and often similar colors. I propose that this shield system (I haven't done all the types) would be more clear at a glance. The check mark followed by the number tells a person how many copies of that monster they own. The crossed swords means "attack" and the shoe means "try to run". The droplet symbol followed by the 2 is representative of the Training Points this monster gives. This leads into the next page of the PDF.

The second page of the PDF I linked is a list of all the various stats (HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, Speed). These symbols are easy to identify at a glance and can be used whenever referencing those stats.

Thanks for taking a look. I would like to try to do the monster stats screen next if there is an interest.
Anyone willing to provide feedback? You can be honest! Is @CeFurken interested in this at all?
man i regret that i have missed you whitehorn :)
No worries, I'm trying some things now. Life has slowed down quite a lot for me.
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  • CeFurkan
(2019-01-18, 02:17 AM)whitehorn Wrote: No worries, I'm trying some things now. Life has slowed down quite a lot for me.

welcome back
Thanks, nice post
At least one of these trainers in each region should be max level and ... Like swarms of wild pokemon, hordes of antagonists i.e

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