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Welcome to KONHA
This is a new guild you can sign up or do as you plead its your choice if you want to join or not
Rule number 1 Don't beg for monsters
Rule Number 2 Don't share any personal information that could put you in danger
Rule Number 3 You can donate for the people in our guild but the prices are going to be up to the person who is paying because It is real money and tis there choice how to spend their money its your choice to cooperate or not. Also we have are looking for alliances no wars yet not enough members soon though
This guild will be A Active Social Pvping so we will be hopefuly having tournaments in the guild
And also if we do have any tournaments the prize will always be either a NC OR A Max Uv Or a Ancient whatever we can find at the moment thank you! Good Luck
Our Guild Mascot is....

Also if u look in the picture on his body it says konha <3
Guild website were u can chat about stradgey and trade with our members
Also since there are plenty of animie ranks in these guilds ill put my own ranks
Mist Kun:Any levels
Dragon Kun:2 level 100s rank 1000 below
Slayer Kun: 5 level 100s rank 700 below
Overlord Kun:6 level 100s rank 500 below
Members (8)

Leader/Eramyst: Overloard Kun (1ST)
Member/Hydranoid: Mist Kun
Mod/Moar: Dragon Kun
Leader/Romeo Uchiha: Dragon Kun
Mod/shadowanime : Dragon kun
Member/N3rdygirl : Mist Kun
Mod/Calzer :Slayer Kun
Mod/Banhu : Slayer Kun

[Image: Obito-Harvey-001.png%3fpsid%3d1?rdrts=66690578]
Hopefully a good new guild Smile
[Image: Obito-Harvey-001.png%3fpsid%3d1?rdrts=66690578]
Good luck konha guild
(2014-02-07, 09:24 PM)RoyalSlicer Wrote: Good luck konha guild
[Image: Obito-Harvey-001.png%3fpsid%3d1?rdrts=66690578]
Good luck
[Image: Obito-Harvey-001.png%3fpsid%3d1?rdrts=66690578]
awsome mascot Eramyst ^_^
(2014-02-11, 06:03 PM)shadowananime Wrote: awsome mascot Eramyst ^_^

Thanks gonna try to find a lot of him to give one to each of our members <3
[Image: Obito-Harvey-001.png%3fpsid%3d1?rdrts=66690578]
yeah just posted a new therad for mon ideas heres the link
guild members participating read this
[Image: Obito-Harvey-001.png%3fpsid%3d1?rdrts=66690578]
cool a tournement  but im only on at certain times so you will have to tell me when this is happening ok eramyst
(2014-02-12, 12:13 PM)shadowananime Wrote: cool a tournement  but im only on at certain times so you will have to tell me when this is happening ok eramyst

[Image: Obito-Harvey-001.png%3fpsid%3d1?rdrts=66690578]
thank you eramyst
ill be way from the 15th through the 24th im visiting my grandparents just 2 let u know Smile if ur wondering where i am well u know where i am now
its fendark!, u bother me so much by misspelling  Angry
pm me if you have questions
(2014-02-16, 05:45 AM)bobbob123 Wrote: its fendark!, u bother me so much by misspelling  Angry

I fixed it and I don't need your attitude here
[Image: Obito-Harvey-001.png%3fpsid%3d1?rdrts=66690578]
members of konha please read the link posted below... sad to say that the guild hereby is disbanded due to what he did.
good luck with finding a guild to your liking.
/Request to lock or delete thread due to the leader being banned

If any member wants to take it over, please make another thread. Thank you

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