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King of the Hill?
Was this created in this forum yet or have you people forgotten about it already?

King of the Hill was like.. the best forum game created.

-Credits go to Dawn.

Rules :
Try and take over the hill. Everything must abide by the forum rules. Do any means possible to keep that hill.

Once you have the hill, you have to say "I am King of the Hill!!" or something like that.

Right now, Dei is king of the hill. Tongue
*Push* I am now the king of this magnificent hill..
Wheres my crown??
[Image: 33db1vm.png]
*kicks Epic into a portal*

I am king the of the hill
Realises im in the nether in Minecraft
Come up the hill with a lot of creepers..... one word....BOOM
Im dead...So are you...empty hill.... :/
[Image: 33db1vm.png]
*turns into a ghost and haunts the hill*

i am king the of hill again Tongue
I am reincarnated into a little phsyco kitty
Uses a dark attack and eats the ghost
My hill
[Image: 33db1vm.png]
Ah, yes, time to use my notorious ways to become the king of the hill.

*eats ItsHowIRoll*

I am King of the Hill!
Gives me the urge to play a KoTH match on TF2 now. D:<

Scout powers activate! *two-hit kill on Lamb* *captures the hill*

*visits a Human Center*
*gets revived*
*devours Dawn*

I am King of the Hill!
*sends Lamb to.. that place that is 5 galaxies away."

I'm king of the hill.
*backstabs Dei using her ninja skills*

I'm King of the Hill.

*pushes Dei's corpse into the incinerator*
*takes the fire from the incinerator and uses it as a body made of energy and hugs dawn, burning her* weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Im king of this hill, ma'am.

*sets up camp on a different hill*

*pulls up a hose*

*douses Dei with the water*

That hill's empty, but this hill's MINE.
*kicks Dawn off the hill*
My hill now.
*eats Nightcore*

I'm king of this here hill, ya'll heeaaarddd mee?!
Throws one of the asterisks bordering this sentence at Dei, skewering him*

I am King of the Hill!
*stabs Username brutally with a sword and throws him off*
Reclaimed the hill.
*punts Nightcore into another dimension for 50 years*

Im king of the hill again
*Uses Dialga to reverse time and stop time to gun down Dei*
I win again.
*Uses Giratina and traps Nightcore in the Distortion World*
I am the new King of the Hill
[Image: Mayuri%20Signature_zps5xrqr7ck.png]
*Yells "THE GAME" and the resulting explosion annihilates Rain*

I am King of the Hill.
I lost again!
*Puts on a headset on Username, connects headset to an ultra powerful-music player, sets volume to 100000000, shouts "THE GAME" into a microphone, causing Gboss' head to explode.*

I am King of the Hill.
[Image: Mayuri%20Signature_zps5xrqr7ck.png]
... You should be more careful. ^^

*headshots Rain from her perch on the sawmill*

Hm. *checks what she's got*

I'm so not going down there.

The empty hill!
*Claims the Hill*
King of the Hill. Tongue
*Sets up bulletproof screens around me*
*Slashes apart bulletproof screens with Buster sword"

*Slashes Username in half and steals his scythe*

*claims hill*

"Who wants some !!"
CeFurkan Wrote:
@Nitz_X u really should leave this game
[Image: kSLYA.png]
*remote-detonates the hidden mines that she had planted on the hill and around it*

*hill goes up in a giant explosion, incinerating everything*


Didn't expect that to happen.

My crater!
*drops a mini-nuke in the crater*

*puts on a nuclear suit*

MY radiation filled crater!
CeFurkan Wrote:
@Nitz_X u really should leave this game
[Image: kSLYA.png]
*kicks Nitz as I fend off a huge zombie hoard*

*3 hours of slashing, hacking, and shooting later, a large hill of zombie corpses form*

*sits in throne made of zombies and drinks glass of wine distilled with zombie blood*

Heheh. *smirk* Guess I'm king now.
[Image: greyvodo.png]
(2011-07-03, 02:25 PM)Dawn Wrote: ... You should be more careful. ^^

*headshots Rain from her perch on the sawmill*

Hm. *checks what she's got*

I'm so not going down there.

The empty hill!
I see.
*Pokes Grey on the eye and pushes him down the hill*
I am king of the hill!

[Image: Mayuri%20Signature_zps5xrqr7ck.png]
*comes out of lambs stomach teleports back to the hill... has a whizz in a bucket ..... pouring it on rain...and then gently pushes him to the side*

[Image: 33db1vm.png]
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