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Greetings guys. I'm quite new to playing so my monsters aren't the best and I honestly don't want to buy better ones. I find satisfaction in training my own. Though I wouldn't mind help. I have a few that I'd like to keep with me in my party..even though I know PvP players will screech "don't do it." Well to each their own. I don't really PvP unless it's with friends.

Anyways I'd like a bit of help deciding on move sets for two that I know I want to keep even if they aren't best quality..

My starter I love him to bits though I may swap him out from time to time-

The second monster I've cough. I'm simply keeping him in my party until he levels but I'd still like a decent moveset for him.

The latest monster I've obtained and I love him to bits.

Yes I know this is for rating and hoping to have the best of the best..ect..ect. I'm somewhat asking for that not for what you'd rate for older members, simply is this a good catch, as in you just cough it and is it decent?
If so what should I train him for and what should I work on. Simple as that.
You can not trade away your starter, only change it with another starter when you are on the control panel.
Your second mon is not the strongest, but it needs tp'ing to get the best out of it.
Pugly is a good mon, but you chose the wrong nature, but you did choose the right abilities.

Overall, for a newer member I'd say that you've chosen emis, which I applaud, but the mons are not super.
You can always ask in chat what monsters are good to begin with and you can ask for some specifications for those mons too.

Good luck and see you in game ;-)
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for your pugly Id wait til lv55 to transform him and get pugerior...and for a moveset (domination,feral claw,poison gas,inner touch) yeah yeah normally Id advocate at least ome status move....but that monster line doesnt really have any good ones Sad tp--> 400 att,200 def,199 spdef

at what level are you keeping that 2nd one til? because level is a factor for quite a few of the moves...

ah this starter of yours will at least have a fairly good moveset Smile and for tp 400 spatt,300 sp def ,99 speed
moveset--draining aura,mental guard,team captain,drain ray
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Good on ya, Toka! ^_^
There are some really neat Superior and Emissary monsters, and those classes don't get enough love.
Be proud of your critters and have fun. There's always a chance of putting together a Sup/Emi tournament, so by all means keep the ones you like. Good luck with the training!
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toka, the whiton has extremely bad uvs for the nature, but bad uvs doesnt mean a bad monster...i like it Big Grin

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