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Kamidara's AI Slave Business! [Shop Closed]
I own the business of the AI Slaves now Big Grin

AI Slave Monsters :
Aardvant -
Chimelfry - Fly, Stone Smash, Ram, Slice

Each of them costs about
5,000 gold

The account that will be selling them is

A message from Kamidara : AI Slaves are mostly for the newbies. Please be generous and let them buy.
When NPCs come in, the prices of AI slaves will go up to about 13,500 gold.
what no fly?
[Image: SamurottGSig.png]
Dont mess with the Samu or else you'll be left to rott in the Sanzu.
Credits go to SparrowHawk for the amazing sig.
I couldn't find a monster that could learn Fly and 3 other AIs.

try Chimelfry: fly, stone smash, ram, slice
[Image: image]
I'll add that monster to the AI slave list ^_^
Are you selling these in the bazaar in-game? I searched "Pheles" in the bazaar and I'm not seeing anything.
Yea I only have about 3 left. I'll sell them.
(2011-12-31, 04:48 PM)Kamidara Wrote: Yea I only have about 3 left. I'll sell them.

I bought one, thanks. Smile

Shop Closed... Reached a few complications here and there O.o
kamidara u could open these shop again
it might work
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
I refuse to reopen it.
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]

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