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Its scary story time ^-^
Hallo peeps this thread is about sharing about your favorite scary stories and if you don't have a favorite then just make one up ^-^ enjoy
[Image: 2vkani9.jpg]
Small words FTW 8D
here is something for you i once dreamed about a mysterious witch that was cooking me alive so she can eat me!
kinda short but its here
hello people of the light and fellow darksiders shall the darkness protect you!

[Image: blackwayve_sig_by_seviper3-d5cijum.jpg]
I woke up one night to screaming. It was only me in the house, I was sure of that. I grabbed my keys to the front door and hopped out my bedroom window. I had to do it. My bedroom door creaks and squeals, so it's an anti-sneak out. I hopped out of my window, landing on the soft, cold grass. I ran around to the front door and slightly opened the mail slot. I peeked in to see if anyone was in the room.

I couldn't see anyone, not a single light at all. It was completely dark in there. I quietly slipped my key into the key hole and turned. Before I opened the door, I heard another scream. This time, it was louder. I opened the door, and quietly walked in side. I didn't close the door behind me, I wanted a quick escape. I jumped up the stairs, there were only 2 steps but they creaked.

I quietly walked into the dark living room and turned left towards the hallway. I looked into that hallway, at night, it seemed like it went on forever. I walked into the beginning part of the hallway, reluctantly saw a small light in the corner of a slightly opened door. There was another scream! followed by laughter.

I crawled towards the door all ninja-like. I pushed open the door slowly so it wouldn't catch too much attention. As I opened the door, the light slowly faded away, creating more darkness. I heard absolutely nothing, just the silence of the night. I pushed open the door and leaped in!

There was no one! There wasn't a body, any flesh, not even a ghostly figure. There was no movement at all! I walked into the room, looked around with my night adapting eyes. I turned on the Sony TV, allowing some noise and light into the room. I slightly turned my head towards the closet and stared into its darkness. Stared intensely into that ominous darkness of the closet. Without moving, I used my peripheral vision to look around in the room. I didn't want to move at that moment. There was someone standing in the door way of the bedroom.

I held onto my keys, ready to defend myself. The person slowly, walked towards me all sinister like. I was scared out of my mind. Who is this person? I wish I grabbed my Ipod when I had the chance. I could've used the light as a flashlight. The person is still coming towards me.

I jumped up off the bed and grabbed the iron! I lashed out at the person in front of me. They didn't back off. So, I threw the iron straight at their head. It was a hit! The person collapsed, shaking on the floor. I turned on the lamp next to me for a much better visual.

The person was.. the person was...

YOUR MOM!!!!!!!!!!


She was screaming because she ate the last cookie in the cookie jar and because she lost THE GAME!!!!! YOU LOST IT AGAIN!!!!
Anti-climatic, but funny Tongue
Pffft my story is baws <.<
haha sparrow i loved your story ^-^
[Image: 2vkani9.jpg]
Small words FTW 8D
My favorite scary story is midnight man 0.0 and slender man too 0.0
[Image: 2vkani9.jpg]
Small words FTW 8D
I woke up one night to screaming. It was only me in the house, I was sure of that

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