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Item: Last Encounter
I know everyone, if not, most of you have ran from ancients and only realized it right after. No mater how careful you are, you might still slip up by pressing r only to realize it with instant regret. 

Function of the item:

The item can be used for you to encounter the last monsters you ran from.(battle the next monster you see if you moved, then use it to encounter the monster before the one you just battle)

It will cost about 1-50 million and only has 1 use.

First off, i just want to know, can this be abused? I ask you guys cause I am probably too bias to think of anything. 

What should it be priced at? I personally would love it to be 1 mill, but 10 seems more reasonable. Also note, there are ancients on sale for 75mill. 

Do you guys even want this? can this item be develop?
I can really really see this being abused. It would be a no for me
What do you see and how can it be abuse? Can you give specifics?

If you're speeding through spamming r, you're gonna miss the ancient by more than 1 encounter, realizing it only after u ran from the 2-3 monster. this item would not be able to help you there.

If you're patient and being careful, there's still human error that may cause you to press r before you can stop yourself. However, you would still be careful enough to stop, and take a couple of seconds to go through various emotions related to regret before continuing. this item can save you in this situation.

perhaps this can be tested in beta client first. If it is deem worthwhile to add. The price is still up in the air, it can cost more than 50 mill if need be.
It's Abuse...Let's say you caught the monster you want...still it is the last monster you encounter..then you will "that item" the do it again and again..so abuse.
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(2014-05-29, 11:21 AM)MMi Wrote: It's Abuse...Let's say you caught the monster you want...still it is the last monster you encounter..then you will "that item" the do it again and again..so abuse.

I see your point.
But once the monster is fought, it is no longer in the "ran from" category and the item will just bring back the monster you ran from before the rare on it's 2nd use.

However, that does bring up the point that you can use it twice to get the rare you missed by two steps.

This could be prevented if there is a restriction such as can be used once every 500 step (encounter)

But i suppose that's just too much coding and trouble for 1 item.
All part of the game, I'm saying no
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I would support if it was around 500 gold-15k, and for Emmisaries and under only. I find it very tedious and annoying to be searchin for a emmisary and accidentally skip it, and search 200 more steps just to find 1 more
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Just for the low class monsters and up to Emmi's, everything above can be abused. Emmi's don't make that much of a deal in PVP and on Collectors hands, no collector wants more than 1 of each monster, so abusing it on emmi's is kind of a waste
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well with gold this can be implemented

so you say 50m gold for bringing back

what do you say guys ?

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