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[Insert any monster picture here]my trial in making a tutorial (wall of text.i think)
I. introduction
-- Welcome to MonsterMMORPG, -insert what we call trainers here- 
A. What is MonsterMMORPG?
-- MonsterMMORPG is -insert what we call MMO- which more than thousands of people became addicted to. If you are a fan of Pokèmon, then MonsterMMORPG is a game for you. Everything here is free, which means you do not have to spend money to play. All you need is decent internet connection and a decent browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Et. Al.)
B. What an I supposed to do in MonsterMMORPG?
--Here in MonsterMMORPG, you can catch, train, and battleto be one of the top-notch-what we call trainers- in the MonsterMMORPG world. It's easy!

II. getting started
A. How to play
 1. You can move your sprite using the up, down, left, or right keys on your keyboard. You can also use the arrow keys on the right side of the screen to move.
 2. To heal your monster, you can go to the building with the words "monster center" on it. You can also go in the monster center to change your party
 3. To buy items (Monster Box, Held Items, Et.Al.) you may go to the building with the words "shop on it"

---You can also buy monsters there, or even sell your own monster!

won't be able to finish.. very intense headache..
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you can move using W, A, S, D too it's usually how I move
(2013-02-03, 11:11 AM)fjkulit Wrote: I literally just started playing a few day  ago so I'm not even sure if I'm allowed to do this but If I can help at all I would like to. That all having been said here would be my idea for an intro/tutorial into the game. ( I would also like to state that I am in no means trying to say I have a superior version  and/or better take on this than anyone else, it just looked like it was a work in progress so I thought I could throw in my two cent to be inspired from or disregarded completely)

I. introduction
-- Welcome to the world of MonsterMMORPG, a Universe where trainers -(have no clue what the trainers in this game are called)- Capture, Raise, and battle monsters all striving to be the best. In this world you will encounter awesome creatures, compete against powerful arena leaders, and fight many hard battles all in your quest to make your way to the top and be counted among the elites. . .

             Do you have what it takes to be called a master?(or you know something similar)

(button) -next
-I am not sure if you plan on having the tutorial embedded at the begging of the game itself or done right after you register as a wall of text but if it is the latter then might I suggest having an intro and then picking your starter, kind of a pseudo pokemon game intro type deal. And if such could go something like the following-

In order to Battle and capture all the many unique monsters you will need a monster of your own to start out with. but choose wisely, for this is a powerful monster that will be your companion for a long time to come.

-andddd queue starter selection(which could also be on the same page just underneath the txt. And after there starter is chosen the new player would then move on to the next page which would have a picture of the toolbar and would start explaining the buttons and what they do with the icons next to the explanation. after the player is familiarized with every thing you could then have them click -next- and proceed to the explanation of how battles work (again having simple pictures and labeling or using icons would work on the page would work) along with how to and maybe a few tips on capturing monster in the game. Last but not least explain how to heal at the MC and how to use the store.(note. you may want to put this at the end of one of the previous pages as at this point adding another page may just piss people off as all they want to do after learning how to fight is well. . . .  to start fighting.

Honestly I have no clue how explain the fact that you just teleported into the middle of a town. I don't know if plan on making a story line but I think the game should at least have some sort of story behind why your in that town (and maybe having at least a building as a starting point or something that doesn't include dropping you off in the middle of the road xD[also on a side, side note; If you need any ideas for a storyline let me know as I'd be happy to throw out ideas and/or help write if possible])

so yeaaaahhh again I'm not really sure if I wasn't "supposed" to do this, I just didn't see a reason not to but If I did in some way do something wrong by this I apologize ahead of time and will delete message. But that being said I assumed ideas and help would be taken with open arms as a lot of the game is still in development.

So in ending for anyone who managed to get through all of this have yourself a Hypothetical cookie seeing as I ate all the real ones. . . .  Big Grin

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