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Incoming Maps Naming
Post here map and the name Smile

001 TOWN - Sendoff Town
007 - Callow Village
011 - Medley Village
016 -
017 -
020 - Ordin City
025 -
031 - Hardwood Town
036 -
041 - Fodder City
048 -
053 -
001: NewStart Village
Route 1: FirstStep Path
Route 2: FirstStep Path
Route 3: FirstStep Path
Route 4: FirstStep Path
Route 5: FirstStep Path
Town 2 / Zone 1: NewGrass Village
Route 6: NewGrass Path
Route 7: Knoll Path
Route 8: NewGrass Path
Town 3: HideAway Town
Route 9: Archaic Path
Route 10: Archaic Path
Route 11: Modern Path
Route 12: Modern Path
Route 13: Tetralogy Town
Route 14: Pattern Path
Route 15: StreamLine Path

Route 16: Notch Path

City: SlabStone City

Route 17: Arch Path

Route 18: BondBridge Path

Route 19: QuickNight Path

Route 20: QuickNight Path
025 / Town: Timber Town
Route 21: Grove Path
Route 22: Grove Woods
Route 23: Grove Path
Route 24: Relic Path
Route 25: Relic Field
Route 26: Grove Path
031 / Town 2: TreeTop Town
Route 27: BeeLine Path
Route 28: WindAround Path
Route 29: GrassyKnoll Path
Route 30: WindAround Path
036 / Town 3: NewBlossom Town
Route 31: NewBlossom Path
Route 32: WideRoad Way
Route 33: WideRoad Way
Route 34: WideRoad Way
041 / City 2: CobbleStone City
Route 35: WildWood Way
Route 36: WildWood Way
Route 37: Thicket Way
Route 38: Thicket Way
Route 39: DeepForest Path
Route 40: DeepForest Path
048 / Town 4: MiddleWood Town
Route 41: MiddleWood Path
Route 42: DeepWood Path
Route 43: DeepWood Path
Route 44: SmallWood Way
053 / Town: CenterWood Town
Route 45: LightForest Path
Route 46: LightForest Path
Route 47: LightForest Path
057 / Town: EndForest Town
Route 48: SideWood Way
Route 49: SideWood Way
Route 50: Forest Way
Route 51: Forest Way
Rout 52: Forest Way
063 / City: New Forest City
Route 53: NewForest Way
Route 54: NewForest End
Route 55: Grass Path
Route 56: Grass Hills Way
Route 57: SmallGrass Path
069 /Town 5: SmallGrass Village

Route 58: Small Mesa Path
Route 59: UpHill Way
Route 60: SideBark Path
Route 61: UpBark Path
074 / Town: NewRind Town
Route 62: DownBark Way
Route 63: DownBark Way
Route 64: AllBark Trail
Route 65: Old Tree Path
Route 66: New Growth Path
080 / Town : SlateStone Town

You dare Challenge ME ?

Riverside City
[Image: 020-city-NORMAL-MM.PNG]

Cherry blossom City
[Image: 041-CITY.PNG]

Shipwreck path
[Image: 097-route81.PNG]

Paradise Island
[Image: 098-TOWN.PNG]

Gateway Harbor
[Image: 108-CITY.PNG]
[Image: ZekromSig.png]

Credits to SparrowHawk
001- Craft Town (pkmn craft memorial name)
002- Pop Forest 1 ( im eating pop chips ;wWink
003- Pop Forest 2
004- Pop Forest 3
005- Pop Forest 4
006- Leaf Rapids
007- McLarna Town ( Completely Random name xD )
008- McLarna Picnic Area
009- Floating Trees 1 (random )
010- Floating Trees 2
011- Faze Town (random)
012- Tricky Paths 1
013- Tricky Paths 2
014- New Life Forest 1
015- New Life Forest 2
016- Rogers Residence (Name of the farm people?)
017- New Life Forest 3
018- New Life Forest 4
019- Blood Pump Climb
020- D-City ( Dream City )
021- Dream Path 1
022- Dream Path 2
023- Dream Path 3
024- Dream Path 4
025- Village Of Dreams
026- Terrible Paths 1
027- Terrible Paths 2
028- Terrible Paths 3
029- Entrance Of Pain
030- Terrible Pain
031- Village Of Pain
032- Twin Pond Road ( two ponds, Duh)
033- Maxis Bridge ( random )
034- Bloom Valley 1
035- Bloom Valley 2
036- Blooming Dale Oaks
037- Blooming Road 1
038- Blooming Road 2
039- Blooming Road 3
040- Blossoming Road
041- Blossom Blow City
042- Flutter Path 1
043- Flutter Path 2
044- Broken Forest 1
045- Broken Forest 2
046- Broken Forest 3
047- Broken Forest 4
048- Silent Valley (eh ;wWink
049- Screaming Forest 1
050- Screaming Forest 2
051- Screaming Forest 3
052- Screaming Forest 4
053- Windy Way Town
054- Vulture Path 1
055- Vulture Path 2
056- Vulture Path 3
057- Crescent Town
058- Path Of Tears 1
059- Path Of Tears 2
060- Path Of Tears 3
061- Path Of Tears 4
062- Unreal Path
063- Illusion City

*finishing later

Your life just got better. 

You're welcome.

[Image: k29ed.jpg]
Gentle Village: [Image: 001-TOWN%20000.PNG] Breeze Pathway: [Image: 002-route1%20(NEWGRASS).PNG]
Cascade Path : [Image: 003-route2(NEWGRASS).PNG] Woody Hill: [Image: 004-route3(NEWGRASS).PNG] Eagle Ponds: [Image: 005-route4(NEWGRASS).PNG] Upstream River: [Image: 006-route5.PNG] Bellchime Town: [Image: 007-TOWN2ZONE1.PNG] Lively Route: [Image: 008-route6.PNG] Wayward Road: [Image: 009-route7.PNG] Zigzag Alley: [Image: 010-route8.PNG] Ancestor's Town:[Image: 011-tOWN3.PNG] Muddy Pathway: [Image: 012-route9.PNG] Lake of Serenity: [Image: 013-route10.PNG] Duck Springs: [Image: 014-route11.PNG] Butterfly Crossing: [Image: 015-route12.PNG] Lion Cub Village: [Image: 016-route13.PNG] Resting Hill: [Image: 017-route14.PNG] Tree Trunk Route: [Image: 018-route15.PNG] Sand Slide Cliffs: [Image: 019-route16.PNG] Riverbank City: [Image: 020-city-NORMAL-MM.PNG] Crossroad Route: [Image: 021-route17.PNG] Separation Bridge:[Image: 022-route18.PNG] Murky Forest: [Image: 023-route19.PNG] Traveler's Path: [Image: 024-route20.PNG] Crosswinds Town: [Image: 025-TOWN.PNG] Enlightenment Route: [Image: 026-route21.PNG]Breakthrough Forest: [Image: 027-route22.PNG] Sailboat Forest: [Image: 028-route23.PNG] Dusty Temples: [Image: 028-route24.PNG] Rotting Viillage: [Image: 029-route25.PNG] Flower Spring Meadow: [Image: 030-route26.PNG] Treeline Town: [Image: 031-TOWN.PNG] Vulture Ponds: [Image: 032-route27.PNG] Forest Spring : [Image: 033-route28.PNG] Leafy Slopes [Image: 034-route29.PNG] Elephant Route: [Image: 035-route30.PNG] Silent Town: [Image: 036-TOWN.PNG] Freedom Forest: [Image: 037-route31.PNG] Peacock Path: [Image: 038-route32.PNG] Playful Forest: [Image: 039-route33.PNG] Bird's Nest Forest: [Image: 040-route34.PNG] Leaf Whistle City: [Image: 041-CITY.PNG] Downward Alley: [Image: 042-route35.PNG] Approaching Forest: [Image: 043-route36.PNG] Beehive Path: [Image: 044-route37.PNG]Snake Eyes Forest: [Image: 045-route38.PNG] Hazard Forest: [Image: 046-route39.PNG] Bee Sting Path: [Image: 047-route40.PNG] Cascade Town: [Image: 048-TOWN.PNG] Beetle Horn Lake: [Image: 049-route41.PNG] Forest Chateau: [Image: 050-route42.PNG] Sting Forest: [Image: 051-route43.PNG] Insect Forest: [Image: 052-route44.PNG] Termite Town: [Image: 053-TOWN.PNG] Honeycomb Forest: [Image: 054-route45.PNG]Pollination Meadow:[Image: 055-route46.PNG] Fantasy Forest:[Image: 056-route47.PNG] Tree Time Town: [Image: 057-TOWN.PNG] Hummingbird Forest: [Image: 058-route48.PNG] Turn Around Forest: [Image: 059-route49.PNG] Tiger Claw Forest: [Image: 060-route50.PNG] Snake Fang Path: [Image: 061-route51.PNG] Lumber Forest: [Image: 062-route52.PNG] Beehive City: [Image: 063-CITY.PNG]Creeper Forest:[Image: 064-route53.PNG] Exiting Road: [Image: 065-route54.PNG]Venom Forest: [Image: 066-route55.PNG] Filthy Road: [Image: 067-route56.PNG] Pest Forest: [Image: 068-route57.PNG] Poison Barb Town: [Image: 069-TOWN.PNG] Downhill Zone: [Image: 070-route58.PNG] Swirling Forest: [Image: 071-route59.PNG] Butterfly Route [Image: 072-route60.PNG] Free Bird Forest: [Image: 073-route61.PNG] Craggy Village: [Image: 074-TOWN.PNG] Tree Stump Forest: [Image: 075-route62.PNG] Three Land Forest: [Image: 076-route63.PNG] Swarm Route : [Image: 077-route64.PNG] Gloomy Crossing: [Image: 078-route65.PNG] Four Corner Forest: [Image: 079-route66.PNG]Fortress Town: [Image: 080-TOWN.PNG] Perching Forest: [Image: 081-route67.PNG] Kite Forest: [Image: 082-route68.PNG] Funnel Forest: [Image: 083-route69.PNG] Cluster Path: [Image: 084-route70.PNG] Cluster City: [Image: 085-CITY.PNG] Cluster Road: [Image: 086-route71.PNG] Cradle Route: [Image: 087-route72.PNG] Tradewind Forest: [Image: 088-route73.PNG] Crow Peninsula: [Image: 089-route74.PNG] Cannon Islands: [Image: 090-route75.PNG] Angler Town:[Image: 091-TOWN.PNG] Fisherman's Cove: [Image: 092-route76.PNG] Paradise Island: [Image: 093-route77.PNG] Deep Sea Island: [Image: 094-route78.PNG] Zigzag Atoll: [Image: 095-route79.PNG] Dumbbell Isle: [Image: 096-route80.PNG] Shipwreck Atoll: [Image: 097-route81.PNG] Pirate Town: [Image: 098-TOWN.PNG] Seashell Islands [Image: 099-route82.PNG]

Dangit rammed the image limit

Y U NO USE "Show" FEATURE \;w;/
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[Image: k29ed.jpg]
You didn't have to post the picture =_=

Just post the number of it.
the way Rock127 doing is better. post with image
I'm too lazy to take each image and put it on the post T.T
Your life just got better. 

You're welcome.

[Image: k29ed.jpg]
It's going to be a really long page.
(2012-03-04, 10:46 PM)Kamidara Wrote: It's going to be a really long page.
ye but no problem. i think seeing map and name is better
Hehe whatever you say then, boss!

Big Grin
Sand Skull Island :[Image: 100-route83.PNG] Pirate's Island: [Image: 101-route84.PNG] Cross Island: [Image: 102-route85.PNG] Rafted Town: [Image: 103-TOWN.PNG] Pebble Isles: [Image: 104-route86.PNG] Arrow Atoll: [Image: 105-route87.PNG] Resort Isle: [Image: 106-route88.PNG]Siphon Islands: [Image: 107-route89.PNG] Ocean Breeze Harbor: [Image: 108-CITY.PNG] Climb-up Shore: [Image: 109-route90.PNG]
Frost Point
[Image: 110-route91.PNG]
Penguin Walk:
[Image: 111-route92.PNG]
Snowy Forest:
[Image: 112-route93.PNG]
Forest of Frost:
[Image: 113-route94.PNG]
Breeze Hill:
[Image: 114-route95.PNG]
Snow Angel Path:
[Image: 115-route96.PNG]
Frozen Lake:
[Image: 116-route97.PNG]
Snowflake Town:
[Image: 117-TOWN.PNG]
Albatross Path:
[Image: 118-route98.PNG]
Sled Hill:
[Image: 119-route99.PNG]
Elf Walk:
[Image: 120-route100.PNG]
Freezing Village:
[Image: 121-route101.PNG]
Sled Cliffs:
[Image: 122-route102.PNG]
Chilling Route:
[Image: 123-route103.PNG]
Frosty Forest
[Image: 124-route104.PNG] Iceberg City:[Image: 125-CITY.PNG] Mammoth's Road[Image: 126-route105.PNG] Blizzard Hill:[Image: 127-route106.PNG]Downhill Road:[Image: 128-route107.PNG] Downhill Town: [Image: 129-TOWN.PNG] Hot Desert Forest:[Image: 130-route108.PNG]Sandstorm Forest:[Image: 131-route109.PNG] Sandstone Path:[Image: 132-route110.PNG] Slither Path:[Image: 133-route111.PNG] Parched Hill: [Image: 134-route112.PNG]Central Desert:[Image: 135-TOWN.PNG] Arid Path: [Image: 136-route113.PNG] Dry Path: [Image: 137-route114.PNG] Ancient Ruins: [Image: 138-route115.PNG] Pharaoh's Sands [Image: 139-route116.PNG] Desert Oasis: [Image: 140-route117.PNG] Twin Sand Lakes: [Image: 141-route118.PNG] Barren Sands: [Image: 142-route119.PNG] Tumbleweed Town: [Image: 143-TOWN.PNG] Stable Road:[Image: 144-route120.PNG] Bridge of Sand [Image: 145-route121.PNG] Heated Route:[Image: 146-route122.PNG] Lone Pyramid Path:
[Image: 147-route123.PNG] Oasis Town: [Image: 148-TOWN.PNG] Bushwhack Path: [Image: 149-route124.PNG] Sand Dune Path: [Image: 150-route125.PNG] Sand Dune City: [Image: 151-CITY.PNG] Sand Dune Exit:[Image: 152-route126.PNG] Leftover Path:
Sandstorm Ext :[Image: 162_Rock_Route_127.png] Crevice Cracks : [Image: 163_Rock_Route_128.png] Rocky Road :[Image: 164_Rock_Route_129.png] Stone Walk :[Image: 165_Rock_Route_130.png] Boulder Town [Image: 166_Rock_MinorCity_1.png] Stony Route [Image: 167_Rock_Route_131.png] Coal Path[Image: 168_Rock_Route_132.png]
Craggy Path[Image: 169_Rock_Route_133.png] Rocky Cliffs[Image: 170_Rock_Route_134.png] Mineral Path [Image: 171_Rock_Route_135.png] Mineral Town [Image: 172_Rock_MinorCity_2.png] Danger Bridges [Image: 173_Rock_Route_136.png] Brickyard Path[Image: 174_Rock_Route_137.png]
Obelisk City [Image: 181_Rock_MajorCity.png] Rugged Road [Image: 183_Rock_Route_143.png] Molten Rock Exit [Image: 184_Rock_Route_144.png] Singed Alley[Image: 185_Fire_Route_145.png] Burning Route [Image: 186_Fire_Route_146.png] Boiling Bridge [Image: 187_Fire_Route_147.png] Hot Meadows [Image: 188_Fire_Route_148.png]
Magma Route [Image: 189_Fire_Route_149.png] Lava Lake [Image: 190_Fire_Route_150.png] Scorching Town [Image: 191_Fire_MinorCity_1.png] Volcanic Ruins [Image: 192_Fire_Route_151.png] Molten Land [Image: 193_Fire_Route_152.png] Fiery Crossing [Image: 194_Fire_Route_153.png] Blazing Arch[Image: 195_Fire_Route_154.png]
Volcano Route [Image: 196_Fire_Route_155.png] Charred Stone Town [Image: 197_Fire_MinorCity_2.png] Boiling Bridge [Image: 198_Fire_Route_156.png] Charred Pathway[Image: 199_Fire_Route_157.png] Lava Flow Village[Image: 200_Fire_MinorCity_3.png] Magma Walks[Image: 201_Fire_Route_158.png] Charcoal Route[Image: 202_Fire_Route_159.png] Fireside Walks[Image: 203_Fire_Route_160.png] Fireside City [Image: 204_Fire_MajorCity.png] Lava Flow Path[Image: 206_Fire_Route_161.png]
Charcoal Exit [Image: 207_Fire_Route_162.png]
Amat takes it from here on
Constantly dying yet never dead
(2012-03-04, 10:46 PM)Kamidara Wrote: It's going to be a really long page.
If the spoiler/collapse tags worked properly, it wouldn't be.
Quote: Do you hear the Whisper Men The Whisper Men are near
If you hear the Whisper Men then turn away your ears
Do not hear the Whisper Men whatever else you do
For once you've heard the Whisper Men they'll stop. And look at you.
(2012-03-06, 02:17 PM)orboknown Wrote:
(2012-03-04, 10:46 PM)Kamidara Wrote: It's going to be a really long page.
If the spoiler/collapse tags worked properly, it wouldn't be.
being long is not problem Big Grin you can also comment on others naming

BUMP!!! What about this thread??
Constantly dying yet never dead
Erm... bump? What is this thread now, wasted? ;-;
Constantly dying yet never dead

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