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IMPORTANT: The Great Fanfiction Reform!
"Hey Raithy, why's stuff changing?"

Well, Sir Asksgoodquestions, the answer is that the old way of doing things was too unorganized and unsightly in general.

"Alright, but what exactly changed?"

Ahah! I'm getting to that!
  • Posting chapters as individual threads is now prohibited and they will be merged into the initial thread you post to keep the forum organized.
  • Existing chapters will gradually be merged into one thread to eliminate the chaos that currently hinders navigation to different threads.
  • Rules in general have now changed because of the new policies and bad old policies, so be sure to check back and review the rules.
  • "Off-Topic Fanfiction" was renamed to Alternate Fanfiction, and "Idea Collecting" was renamed to Feedback. They retain their old functions.
  • The (many) threads that were misplaced have been (painfully) sifted through and sent to their appropriate designation.
"I don't like it! Change it back this instant!"

[Image: GgcM.png]

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