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I wanted to introduce our new member.
Hello, and welcome to this thread. The new member that I would like to introduce is a lively one, they always have something to talk about, they always try to keep things going, and they like making friends as well. They are also glad to be apart of this Website and Forum as well. This Member is none other than ME of course. Haha, Nice to meet you all. The name is Conker Heart .
Welcome to the game!
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Thank you! I must say though it's an honor to be here. The community looks fun and lively ^^. I'm sure I'll fit in well around here.
Welcome Conker,friend request sent Smile
Haha if you don't mind me asking, how do I accept friend requests? Err... I should probably rephrase that. How do I find friend requests?
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through the user control panel : https://forum.monstermmorpg.com/usercp.php top left of your screen
Haha ok gotcha. Your on my buddylist as well ^^
~Prepare for a Stardust Revolution~
Bonjour, Conker. I am Grey. I am...strange, I suppose. I'm always on the forums, hardly ever on the game. I enjoy makin' new friends, and I've made friends of the last few new people so..perhaps we'll be friends? :3
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Friendly.. sorta.

Lively.. unlikely.

Overall, I guess so.

welcome to the forum/game.
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hello i must ask what the point of the poll is
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