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I want you to write a good description for this page
use basic words -_-"
(2011-10-20, 09:23 PM)Nitz_X Wrote: Since I'm a writer I'll take this up.

I'll get back to you guys in a few hours so long as nothing comes up.

Ah here we go, a rough draft, I will work on it more when I get home. note the yellow shows up better on the MonsterMMo page.

The Community Zone!
This is a place where you can learn everything about the game and get to know your fellow players better. Find out more about who the top players are, the best places to train and tips on catching the best monsters, and even where to find them!
If you don’t want the advice of moderators that have played and supported this game for a long time, then you are free to discuss anything within our rules and guidelines. Perhaps you wish to talk about your favorite Television show, or maybe you want to discuss books or youtube videos?

ALSO if you have any users you need to report or any scamming issues that need to be fixed, you can tell us on this forum.

Another benefit of registering on our forum is that You can advertise your monsters that you catch here, which allows you to reach more players and make more GOLD!

There is no reason not to register on our forum, no Email activation is required, and you can have your own avatars, signatures, and personality. If you want to enjoy our game to the fullest, as well as experience ALL the features this game has to offer, then come see us and introduce yourself on the forum!

~Monster MMORPG Staff~
(link button)

Oh, and uh Rock, Sum it up?

This needs to be professional, plus you ddin't really tell them anything that is Dynamic, something they can't live without.
me like this one.

(2011-10-20, 09:46 PM)Lamb Wrote: Okay Nitz_X is going to win this but whatever. Tongue

MonsterMMORPG's forum is a great place to engage in discussion about the game and other topics. There is a plethora of categories on the forum, and they range from announcements concerning the game to off-topic discussions about music, sports, and other things. In addition, contained within the forum is a list of updates that MonsterMMORPG has undergone, a section for frequently asked questions, a section for submitting suggestions, general discussions about the game, a section for submitting errors and bugs in the game, excellent guides created by the game's greatest players, and so much more! Whether you are posting a thread about a Monster you're selling, or whether you're just hanging out in the Off-Topic section, MonsterMMORPG's forum is guaranteed to help you get more into the game by posting in a wide variety of threads.

Clans/teams/guilds are huge things on MonsterMMORPG, and participating in MonsterMMORPG's forum will help you get into a clan of your own. Simply go to the Clans/Guilds/Teamwork section and either create a clan of your own or join an existing clan. You can host clan wars and have clan-based tournaments if you wish, so go to MonsterMMORPG's forum and get started!

You might have once found yourself trying to sell something in the chat and getting ignored by the other players. Well, MonsterMMORPG's forum also has an area where you can buy or sell Monsters, trade Monsters, buy or sell items, and hold auctions. The Market section of the MonsterMMORPG forum will help you buy, sell, and trade things easily and get the attention of your fellow players easier. In addition, if you engage in buying, selling, and trading things a lot then you're reputation in the forums as well as in the game will increase. You will also probably get some more friends as your business grows. MonsterMMORPG's forum is definitely the best place to hold any business transactions related to the game.

Above all, MonsterMMORPG's forum will help you get to know the community more and make some new friends. MonsterMMORPG is filled with intelligent and respectful players, and getting to know these people is really a great experience. Having discussions with other players on MonsterMMORPG's forum will definitely help you really become a part of this great community, making your experience on MonsterMMORPG infinitely more enjoyable.

Now that you know about all the excellent benefits of participating in MonsterMMORPG's forum, register now! To register, simply go to the forum's website and click on "Register." It would be preferable if you used the same username as the username you use in the game, but that is not mandatory. You can also fill out some information about yourself that will help other users get some general knowledge about you by looking at your profile.

So, what are you waiting for? Join MonsterMMORG's forum now!
lamb i doubt the average person will read this,nor know what "plethora" means.also,this is more like an advertisement on another forum than a quick ad located within our own game.

Quote: Do you hear the Whisper Men The Whisper Men are near
If you hear the Whisper Men then turn away your ears
Do not hear the Whisper Men whatever else you do
For once you've heard the Whisper Men they'll stop. And look at you.
the winner is Nitz_X . pm me Nitz_X what you want
I knew nitz would win it XD
Quote: Do you hear the Whisper Men The Whisper Men are near
If you hear the Whisper Men then turn away your ears
Do not hear the Whisper Men whatever else you do
For once you've heard the Whisper Men they'll stop. And look at you.
Hey boss man Angel
Don't bump threads like this.
Constantly dying yet never dead
Welcome To Monster Mmorpg We welcome you to this Game For Parents This is a safe game please do not spam We do not like spam as much as u dont This form Will have Your questions Enjoy this game

  • The information you seek Dont be shy to ask Modetors or Trainers We will always help u
  • So Enoy This game if u have questions Pm me Or if anyone is bothering u just block them i dont
  • Like when people pm me saying he is swearing or he is Bothering u just block them
This game is for 8+ Kids If you have questions go to the english Form Smile
BTW there already is a chosen one...LOCK THIS THREAD ALREADY!!
Constantly dying yet never dead
If Nitz won a month ago, why is mine still on the review page?

And, why did you change the reward to only a Zenith first place prize rather than stay true to your original word of first place and two runner ups are rewarded?
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