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I need a LOT of help
Ok, so after my Terrible 6-0 two time loss to Guider, and the humiliation thrown upon me by Zach, I think its time that I tried to get better. But, I need help!! Do any experienced players have any tips for me as to how to level up? What places are the best, what monsters are good for what kinda tp training.

Btw, Ive been trying to hp tp my engi for the longest time, but im having trouble finding a monster that gives hp tp. So if you could help on that itd be great too.
420 Blaze it Lol
One tip...Stop tp training engirons hp
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(2012-08-03, 06:14 PM)Snorlax47 Wrote: One tip...Stop tp training engirons hp
420 Blaze it Lol
Who TP trains an attacker in HP? lololol
Your life just got better. 

You're welcome.

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(2012-08-03, 06:01 PM)torito747 Wrote: The Furk isn't hiring at the moment, but when he is, you BET I'll become one! Believe it!

fjkulit mark 2.0 xD
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